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11 December 2003 Edition

Barron Report slams Dublin government - Evidence of collusion found

11 December 2003

The Report of the Barron Inquiry into the 1974 Dublin and Monaghan bombings points to the collusion of agents of the British armed forces in the atrocity, which claimed 34 lives. In this interim report, Barron said he could not say if there was collusion at a higher level, but that the British, who thwarted any proper investigation of the bombings, had also failed to cooperate properly with the Inquiry. Free article

A fitting tribute - Adams challenges the DUP after attacks

11 December 2003

This past Sunday, 7 December, thousands of republicans gathered in bright sunshine to observe the re-dedication of the republican plot in Belfast's Milltown Cemetery. The new monument that now marks the site is the culmination of several years of hard work by the National Graves Association. Free article

Sinn Féin launches Euro 2004 team

11 December 2003

Just 12 days after the hugely successful Assembly elections, Sinn Féin wasted no time in getting back to business this week, setting its sights firmly on next year's European Union elections. Free article

Homes attacked in West Belfast

11 December 2003

The homes of Sinn Féin Councillor Paul Butler and Gerry Kelly and the houses and family homes of other known republicans were attacked by loyalists in West Belfast last week. The attacks, which took place between 10pm and 11pm on Friday night, appear to have been carried out by the same gang. Free article

Electoral process excludes deprived

11 December 2003

A report released this week by the Electoral Commission to assess the operation of the new Electoral Fraud Act says that "disadvantaged groups" are less likely to have eligible identification required to vote in Six County elections. The report also reveals that there were approximately 120,000 fewer names on the new electoral register than the old register, compiled under the previous "household" system. Free article


McCreevy's smokescreen

11 December 2003

Of all Charlie McCreevy's budgets, his seventh, delivered last week, has to be the most bizarre. It was incredibly light on detail, filled with stealth taxes and meagre offerings for the low paid, aged and deprived. Free article

Assembly elections 2003 - A strategic watershed - BY DECLAN KEARNEY, CHAIRPERSON CÚIGE NA SÉ CHONDAE

11 December 2003

As republicans return to activism after a brief but deserved respite from intense campaigning over the preceding five weeks, we should lose no time taking stock of the new tactical and strategic considerations arising in the coming period. The Six-County Assembly election results are defining and landmark in proportion, not just for our struggle, but the national political landscape. Free article

An Phoblacht Diary

11 December 2003

2004 marks the 25th anniversary of An Phoblacht/Republican News. Today's newspaper incorporates the titles of two republican papers, An Phoblacht, based in the 26 Counties, and Republican News, based in the Six Counties, which amalgamated in January 1979. Free article

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