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13 September 2001 Edition

A massive human tragedy

13 September 2001

The appalling catastrophe in New York and Washington is above all a massive human tragedy. The full extent of the casualties is not yet known but they must run into thousands Free article

Witnesses describe cold-blooded executions

13 September 2001

The Bloody Sunday inquiry has resumed in the Guildhall in Derry, sitting for the first time since British soldiers called to give evidence were told that they would have to do so in Derry. Legal representatives for the men had argued that they should be allowed to give evidence in London because of fears for their safety, but their case was dismissed by the tribunal. In his ruling last month, Lord Saville said that allowing soldiers to give evidence elsewhere would destroy public confidence in the inquiry. Free article

Explaining Ardoyne

13 September 2001

``Over the 30 years of conflict, our area has never witnessed scenes of such sectarian hatred.'' Free article

Loyalist threats forces bus company to close

13 September 2001

A South Derry coach hire company has been forced to close due to continuous threats from loyalist paramilitaries. Free article


Hundreds march in Dublin support of Turkish Death Fast

13 September 2001

The Turkish Hunger Strike claimed its 33rd victim on Friday 7 September, when Gulay Kavak died in Istanbul after 68 days on Hunger Strike. As the many hundreds of marchers from around the country who came to Dublin last Saturday to demonstrate their solidarity with the Turkish prisoners left the GPO, they heard that the young woman of 29 had died. Gulay Kavak was one of some 40 people who are fasting outside of the jail in solidarity with the prisoners on the death fast. Free article

Concerns expressed over Colombian prisoners

13 September 2001

Niall Connolly, James Monaghan and Martin McAuley, the three Irishmen currently detained in Colombia, are being held in conditions that are in ``clear breach of any internationally accepted standards of human rights'', according to their families. Free article

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