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26 October 2000 Edition

IRA honours its commitments

26 October 2000

In a statement received exclusively by An Phoblacht from Óglaigh na hÉireann on Wednesday, 25 October, the IRA reiterates its commitment to a just and lasting peace, It emphasises that it has honoured all its commitments but points out that the British government ``has thus far not honoured its undertakings''. Nonetheless, ``the IRA leadership has decided that the re-inspection of a number of arms dumps will be repeated to confirm that our weapons remain secure''. The IRA also announces that it will resume discussions with the Decommissioning Body ``when we are satisfied that the peace process will be advanced by those discussions''. Free article

Knowing the cases

26 October 2000

Every human being supposedly has the right to live free from the threat of torture. However, Amnesty International's latest report points out that torture continues to be used throughout the world, as an instrument of political repression. Free article

Mandelson flies flag for unionists

26 October 2000

The British government's proposed legislation on the flying of the Union Jack from public buildings in the Six Counties is being seen as a sop to unionists and a crude attempt to prop David Trimble up in advance of the Ulster Unionist Council meeting on Saturday. Free article

Policing reform needed North and South

26 October 2000

Policing reform, as envisaged by the Patten Report, is also a big issue south of the border, according to a leading consultant on policing. Free article


Programme for Government is no radical programme for change - Adams

26 October 2000

Describing the Draft Programme for Government, published on Tuesday 24 October, as ``an important milestone in the peace process and the process of conflict resolution'', Sinn Féin has called on both the British and Dublin governments to, ``target resources and investment to those areas and people who carry the greatest burden of disadvantage''. Free article

A red herring

26 October 2000

``Nobody except the British government has anything to fear from the whole truth surrounding Bloody Sunday emerging,'' said Sinn Féin's Mitchel McLaughlin. The party chairperson was commenting after the British Home Secretary slapped another Public Interest Immunity Certificate onto the Saville Inquiry. Free article

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