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26 October 2000 Edition

Pisreoga Oíche Shamhna

26 October 2000

Molann an Draoi Rua dúinn a bheith ar aire Oíche Shamhna. Free article

Back issue: Britain can end this war

26 October 2000

EXPRESSIONS of deep shock from Margaret Thatcher in the wake of the IRA bombings which devastated two of the main British border posts in Ireland ring hollow down the decades of her futike policies in the Six Counties whih have prolonged the Irish war into the last years of the 20th Century. the six British soldiers, and one civilian collaborator, who lost their lives on Wednesday were the victims of that British failure to face the truth that there can be no peace while their military and political presence remains in our country. Free article

New in print: Food for thought and debate

26 October 2000

Left Republican Review Sept/Oct 2000 Ed: Eoin O'Broin Molotov Press Free article

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