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12 March 1998 Edition

Róisín campaign victory

12 March 1998

After sixteen months during which she suffered brutal interrogation, transfer to an all-male prison in England, the birth of her daughter and a post-traumatic breakdown, Roisín McAliskey finally had the threat of extradition to Germany lifted this week. Free article

A bridge to the future

12 March 1998

Gerry Adams outlines the need for fundamental changes to reach a democratic settlement in Ireland. Free article

MI5 target student in England.

12 March 1998

A BELFAST postgraduate student in England has been targeted in a crude attempt by British Military Intelligence to recruit agents. Free article

Sinn Fein in United States

12 March 1998

A strong Sinn Fein team led by party President Gerry Adams will be in the United States this coming week where they will attend a St Patrick's Day party in the White House hosted by US President Bill Clinton. Free article


RUC quick to speculate on mortar bombs

12 March 1998

Following Tuesday's mortar bomb attack on the RUC station in Armagh, Assistant Chief Constable Tom Craig instantly suggested that the IRA was somehow linked. This despite the fact that he claimed to be reluctant to ``make any assumptions''. Free article

Lawyer threatened again

12 March 1998

With a UN report into RUC threats against defence lawyers in the Six Counties to be published soon, one of those at the centre of the UN investigation has told An Phoblacht that she has again been threatened. Free article

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