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12 March 1998 Edition

The 2% Treaty

12 March 1998

Yesterday the Taoiseach announced that those of us south of the border with a vote get to vote on the EU's Amsterdam Treaty on 22 May next. Oh joy. Free article

Colombian cover-up unravels

12 March 1998

It appears the Colombian army has acquired the services of a good public relations firm. Dogged by repeated allegations - and substantial evidence - of collusion with right wing death squads, the army recently moved against the very forces they have ably assisted for so long. Or so it seemed. Free article

19 gCúis Maith

12 March 1998

Is aisteach an abairt ach is féidir a rá gur éirigh leis an chéad bhuaiteoir san fhóthoghchán i dTuaisceart Bhaile Átha Cliath cupla lá sula raibh an toghchán ná an comhaireamh vótaí thart fiú. Free article

Workers in struggle: Why TEAM sell off is wrong

12 March 1998

Airports throughout the world are often symbolic of the country or region you're visiting. Dublin airport is no exception. The ongoing expansion and building around Dublin Airport would show any traveller clear evidence that some of the Tiger hype was maybe true. Free article

Sportsview: Heartache in Paris

12 March 1998

I'm not the greatest fan of the oval ball game, but admit to being enthralled by the Irish Rugby team's performance against the French in Paris. A cracking performance by the usually disastrous Irish side had them singing in Dublin 4 and the unionist middle-class areas of the Six Counties (and Limerick). Free article

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Remembering the Past: Drumboe executions

12 March 1998

The executions of prisoners held in state jails, as an offical policy of reprisal against continued republican opposition, was a heinous response by the fledgling Free State. Over 80 official executions (77 is the usual figure given) were carried out in the short period of the Civil War, while the British executed 24 during the Tan War. Free article

Back issue: Armagh attack recalls election slaying

12 March 1998

A 33-year-old Armagh man was lying dangerously ill in hospital on Wednesday night of this week having been gunned down in the city earlier in the day in a gun attack which bears a very strong resemblance to one in which another Armagh man, Peter Corrigan, was slain last October. Free article

Cinema: Beautiful story, well told

12 March 1998

Good Will Hunting Good Will Hunting fully deserves its Golden Globe award for best original screenplay and the nine Acadmey nominations it has received. It is a story of personal growth, friendship and love. Free article


12 March 1998

They murdered Henry Joy and High praise for Binlids Free article

Television: The world according to Frank

12 March 1998

Frank McGuinness BBC1 Tuesday True Lives RTE1 Monday Cursai Ealiane TnaG Domhnach Eurosong RTE Sunday Free article

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