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12 March 1998 Edition

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RUC quick to speculate on mortar bombs

Following Tuesday's mortar bomb attack on the RUC station in Armagh, Assistant Chief Constable Tom Craig instantly suggested that the IRA was somehow linked. This despite the fact that he claimed to be reluctant to ``make any assumptions''.

The Ulster Unionist MP Jeffrey Donaldson was just as quick off the mark in pointing the finger at the IRA.

Of the six mortar bombs launched, only one is thought to have exploded and all were wide of their target. Speculation about who was behind the attack has focused on the Continuity Army Council.

Gerry Adams, when asked who he thought was responsible for the attack, said: ``I don't know. It could have been any number of individuals and organisations from securocrats, through dirty tricks, loyalists and republican elements who want to keep Sinn Fein out of the talks.''

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