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5 March 1998 Edition

Fear of more attacks

5 March 1998

THE death of two people in a loyalist gun attack has led to fears of a renewed sectarian murder campaign by loyalists against the nationalist community. Free article

The long journey home

5 March 1998

As darkness fell, it was an unusual crowd which gathered at the junction of Kennedy Way in West Belfast. It was Monday 14 March 1988. Beneath a smattering of rain, several hundred people quietly stood as the evening traffic rush gradually dispersed. Babies in prams were swaddled in blankets against the winter chill. Parents and children stood side by side. Free article

Parades Commission a kick in the teeth

5 March 1998

DUBLIN government recommendations were ignored by Mo Mowlam when she announced appointments to the Parades Commission last week. Free article

Extensive canvass for by-elections

5 March 1998

Gerry Adams has visited both the Limerick East and Dublin North constituencies to offer his support to the party's candidates in next Wednesday's by-elections. Free article


Elaborate informer plot uncovered

5 March 1998

A South Armagh businessman was offered £10,000 as part of an elaborate attempt to get him to work as an informer. The offer of money was made two weeks ago at the end of a six-month long Crown Forces operation. The businessman - who does not wish to be named - refused the money and has contacted his solicitor. Free article

Tyres destroyed

5 March 1998

Sinn Féin Ard Comhairle member Dessie Murphy, from South Armagh, had two tyres on his car destroyed at a British Army checkpoint outside Newry on Tuesday. Free article

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