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5 March 1998 Edition

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Extensive canvass for by-elections

By Marcas Mac Ruairí

Gerry Adams has visited both the Limerick East and Dublin North constituencies to offer his support to the party's candidates in next Wednesday's by-elections.

On Tuesday morning Adams visited Santry Woods along with the Save Santry Woods Campaign. He also met with striking workers from Ryanair who he assured of Sinn Féin's support and commented, ``In terms of practical support Sinn Féin have said that we will not be using Ryanair during this dispute. Furthermore I am calling on people to think twice about using the airline during it.

``The dispute clearly highlights the growing disparity between the already well-off and those on low pay in our society. Increasingly we have seen the acceptance of growing economic division and the development of a low wage economy of yellow pack jobs and temporary employment schemes. This is not the inevitable shape of the Irish economy.

``Sinn Féin are standing in these by-elections committed to real social, economic and political change, to eliminating poverty and to offer an effective alternative to the corruption and failed politics which have been a feature of political life here in recent years.

``Paul Donnelly and Jenny Shapland stand among an increasing number of community activists who are working on the ground with people to bring about change.

``I want to make a special appeal to first time voters and to those who have not voted in previous elections. Your vote and how you use it will influence the direction our society will take. By not voting you are accepting things as they are and are allowing your future to be decided by others.

``A vote for Sinn Féin is a vote for change. Our message in these by-elections is one of hope - hope for a new and peaceful future in a society of equals.''

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