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5 March 1998 Edition

Process needs credibility

5 March 1998

British government must realise that nothing will ever be the same again Free article

The bells, the bells

5 March 1998

There is, apparently, no debate within RTÉ about the Angelus. Neither, it seems, is there any debate within the Church of Ireland about the Angelus. The temptation then, is to leave well enough alone. If RTÉ, premier purveyor of pealing prayer calls, and Archbishop Eames, spokesperson for all the rest of the country who are not normally associated with the Bells, don't want to talk about it, why should we? Yet we should. In a pluralist state the bells should toll for all of us, not just some. Free article

Mystery of Flight 103

5 March 1998

On the night of 21 December 1988 a bomb exploded aboard Pan Am flight 103 flying from Frankfurt to New York. The plane was literally blown out of the air above Lockerbie in Scotland. All 259 people on board were killed. Free article

The Pope's Brass Band rides again!

5 March 1998

NI MOR dom Gradam De Faoite le haghaidh baothráiteas na míosa a bhronnadh ar Peter Sutherland ó Goldman Sachs agus BP. Free article

Workers in struggle

5 March 1998

Tax code in crisis and Workers still have a world to win Free article

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Sportsview: Down and out in Dunloy

5 March 1998

Dunloy have little to cheer about after their exit from the All-Ireland Club Championship in Mullingar. Spirits won't be helped by the fact the club are also banned from the competiton next year following their supporters' misbehaviour at the Ulster final. With 20 minutes to go the Antrim side were in the lead by a point and had two more men after Galway's Sarfield's lost Donal Keane and Michael Ward in the second half. In the final 20 minutes the 13 Galway men rose to the challenge and Dunloy, under severe pressure from the resulting onslaught, never got back into the game. Free article

Back issue: Comrades in cause for freedom

5 March 1998

The Irish Republican Army lost two of its bravest and most dedicated volunteers when a bomb, which was being transported prior to an attack on a military installation in South Armagh, prematurely exploded last Monday. Free article

New in print

5 March 1998

Women and Irish Society A Sociological Reader Edited by Anne Byrne and Madeleine Leonard Published by Beyond the Pale Publications Price £16.99 Free article

Cinema: Fascinating Festival highlights

5 March 1998

Dublin Film Festival Director Aine O Halloran (who is also the director of the West Belfast Film Festival) has put together a great collection of films for this year's festival (3-12 March). Free article

Television: Breaking the chains

5 March 1998

The Farm; Angola, USA (Channel 4, Sunday) The Patriot's Fate; Not Quite Philadelphia - 1798 (BBC 1, Wednesday) Free article

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