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11 September 1997 Edition

`Rise to the challenge' - IRA

11 September 1997

In the first interview since the IRA cessation of 20 July, a spokesperson for the IRA leadership has outlined to An Phoblacht the reasons they renewed the cessation and has urged all political parties to play their part and ``rise to the challenge this renewed opportunity presents them''. Free article

Sinn Féin enter talks

11 September 1997

Sinn Féin's entry into the Stormont talks was described as ``a defining moment in history'', by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams as he led an eight-strong team into Belfast's Castle Buildings last Tuesday 9 September. Arriving at Stormont shortly after 11am, Adams told the waiting media that Sinn Fein wanted to see all parties engaged in the talks process and urged the British government ``to move forward into substantive discussions on all core issues''. Free article

Historic US visit by Sinn Féin leadership

11 September 1997

``We want to see an end to British jurisdiction,'' said Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP. ``British Prime Minister Tony Blair says there will not be a united Ireland in the lifetime of people. We say just the opposite.'' Free article


US drops deportation orders against Irishmen

11 September 1997

The US administration announced its decision on Tuesday 9 September to suspend deportation proceedings against six Irishmen. Free article

Attack was aimed to kill

11 September 1997

The Catholic resident of a house on the Deerpark Road in Belfast petrol-bombed on 5 September has said the motive behind the attack was a sectarian effort to kill her and her partner. Free article

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