11 September 1997 Edition

Commission remit ``too narrow''

11 September 1997

Leinster House voted on the Ageement between the Dublin and London governments to establish an Independent Commission on Decommissioning. Sinn Fein TD Caoimhghin O Caolain voted against ratification on the grounds that the remit of the commission as constituted is too narrow. Free article

Lawyers accuse RUC of intimidation

11 September 1997

Lawyers for Lurgan man Collie Duffy are accusing the RUC of being involved in a campaign of intimidation against people who have come forward to offer alibi evidence in Duffy's favour. Free article

Challenge to 20 year exclusion

11 September 1997

BELFASTMAN PHIL McCULLOUGH IS SET TO challenge a British government ruling barring him from England for the last 20 years. Free article

Sectarian campaign in Ballymena

11 September 1997

Loyalist petrol bomb attacks on two Catholic families in Ballykeel estate, Ballymena on Tuesday 9 September were just the latest attempts to cleanse Ballymena of Catholics. Free article

RIR threaten Councillor's life

11 September 1997

LURGAN SINN FEIN councillor John O'Dowd has accused members of the RIR of threatening his life when he was held by members of the sectarian force on Saturday 30 August. Free article

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Prisoners issue raised in Longford

11 September 1997

A public meeting in Longford on Thursday 28 August on the theme, ``Obstacles for Irish Prisoners in English Jails'' heard from a wide range of speakers. Free article

Picket on RUC HQ

11 September 1997

A three-year-old girl stands in front of the RUC insignia outside Knock barracks. ``Make Our Roads Safe,'' reads the placard she holds,'' Protect Our Children.'' Located in a staunchly loyalist area, a picket of the RUC's Headquaters is unprecedented. It is a measure of people's anger that a protest is being held here at all. Free article

Your soul is not for sale

11 September 1997

Robert Allen takes heart from a pop singer and explains how to hit back against a consumerist culture gone mad Free article

Downing Street picket goes ahead

11 September 1997

Within hours of British Prime Minister Tony Blair urging the British people to make ``Princess Diana's legacy a better, more compassionate Britain'', a picket calling for the immediate release of all Irish Political Prisoners was held in Downing Street organised by Fuascailt, a campaign group based in London. Free article

Thought RUC raid was loyalists

11 September 1997

``I was honestly frightened, I didn't know who was breaking into my house'', explained Lenadoon woman Jean Fox to An Phoblacht after the RUC had sledgehammered her door in at 6.30am on Wednesday 10 September. Jean's son, Thomas, is serving a life sentence in the H Blocks and she believed her home was being attacked by loyalists. Free article

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