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11 September 1997 Edition

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Attack was aimed to kill

The Catholic resident of a house on the Deerpark Road in Belfast petrol-bombed on 5 September has said the motive behind the attack was a sectarian effort to kill her and her partner.

Despite three petrol-bombs being launched at the house, and the woman's evidence of sectarian abuse, the RUC have denied the attack was sectarian.

The woman has described how she was woken by the sound of glass breaking, and discovered two petrol-bombs in her front room which had set part of the room on fire. A third aimed at her bedroom failed to ignite. Both herself and her boyfriend had to be treated for shock and smoke inhalation.

The woman has stated that as she is one of the few Catholics living in the area, there remained no doubt that she was targeted because of her religion.

She described how she had returned from living abroad and had lived in the house for eighteen months without problems, but that six months ago she noticed her house being watched, and that local youths had attacked it early last week.


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