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4 September 1997 Edition

It's up to Trimble

4 September 1997

Much of the onus for the commencement of real negotiations on the future of Ireland now rests with Ulster Unionist Party leader David Trimble. Free article

`United Ireland will be reality' - Adams in US

4 September 1997

``A united Ireland is not only a possibility but it is going to become a reality.'' Free article

Plastic bullets - time for justice

4 September 1997

Last week it was revealed that the rules for firing plastic bullets are less strict in the Six Counties than in Britain. Sinn Féin Councillor Chrissie McAuley remembers visiting the family of one young victim as his life ebbed away Free article

Larne attacks escalate

4 September 1997

Sectarian attacks on Catholic residents of Larne are continuing to occur, with one local Catholic and his girlfriend being targeted at the weekend. Loyalist gangs, almost certainly UVF, attacked the man's home and wrecked his and his girlfriend's car. Free article


Loyalists still arming

4 September 1997

North Down has frequently been the location for the manufacture of loyalist death squads arms and munitions and this was the case again last Sunday when six prototype machineguns, a lathe, grinding equipment, drills, a vice and `ancillary parts' were found in a derelict farmhouse on the Comber Road near Newtownards. Free article

Inquest dismissed as charade

4 September 1997

The official inquest into the murder of three Belfastmen by a British undercover unit was dismissed by the relatives of the three as a ``charade'' because of its restricted scope of investigation. Free article

RUC still targeting

4 September 1997

Sinn Féin Councillor Gerry McHugh has raised the case of a young Enniskillen man who was approached by the RUC Special Branch to work as an informer. Free article

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