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4 September 1997 Edition

Consent is mask for British policy

4 September 1997

A foretaste of negotiations to come was given this week when Mo Mowlam dealt with the issue of consent in a Belfast Telegraph interview while Gerry Adams set forth in detail in the Irish News the Sinn Féin position on this key issue. Free article

On the threshold of real talks

4 September 1997

On Friday 29 August British Secretary of State Mo Mowlam formally invited Sinn Féin to take part in the talks at Stormont. The historic announcement came 41 days after the restoration of the IRA cessation on 20 July. Free article

Suspicions about Algerian massacres

4 September 1997

On the same weekend in which three people were killed in a car crash in the city of Paris, several hundred people lost their lives in the not-too-distant country of Algeria. Free article

Go hifreann nó Antigua!

4 September 1997

Maireann Charles Trevelyan in Whitehall i gcónaí. Is léir sin ón gcaoi a bhfuil Londain ag caitheamh le haothú Montserrat. Tá sé spéisiúil mar a d'imigh an focal ar Clare Short nuair a dúirt sí: ``It will be golden elephants next'' agus í ag tagairt d'éileamh mhuintir Montserrat go n-íocfaí cúiteamh réadúil leo agus iad ag teicheadh ó bhrúchadh Bholcán Chnoic Soufiere. Is deacair dom a chreidiúint gur ó Nic an Gheairr féin a tháinig an rá díspeagúil sin sa chéad áit. Tá blas macalla comhairleora ar an nath: ``Yes Minister, these chappies are such ingrates.'' Free article

Workers in struggle

4 September 1997

Small is beautiful and Time to invest in people Free article

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Sportsview: Dismal weather - dire football

4 September 1997

What were the Kerry Gaelic football team doing last Sunday afternoon. Maybe they were all out on a light training exercise, honing their skills and fitness levels for the 28 September final. A more likely scenario is that they were ensconced somewhere more dry and cosy than Croke Park watching the second semi-final between Offaly and Mayo. Free article

Remembering the Past: An Droch Shaol - The Irish Holocaust

4 September 1997

``Often in passing from district to district have I seen the poor enfeebled labourer, young and old alike, laid down by the side of the bog or road, on which he was employed, too late for kindness to avail, nevertheless giving his dying blessing to the bestowers of tardy relief.'' Free article

Back issue: Major step forward

4 September 1997

THE RESURGENCE in activity by the Concerned Parents Against Drugs in Dublin has continued, with more communities taking action to rid their areas of drug pushers. Free article

New in print

4 September 1997

2rd P J McGrory Lecture - Prisoners and the Negotiating Process, Magill, Céide and History Ireland Free article

Television: Normal service will not be resumed

4 September 1997

The death of Diana Spencer (all stations, all week) threw the TV schedules into chaos as all the British media and most of the Irish media joined in the saturation coverage of the Accident, the Aftermath, the Papparazi, the Drunken Driver, the Mourning, the Implications for the Royal Family etc, etc ad nauseam. Free article

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