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16 January 2017 Edition

‘Forgotten’ 1916 Volunteer remembered in east Galway

16 January 2017

GALWAY SINN FÉIN held a wreath-laying ceremony at the grave of Volunteer Martin ‘Mattie’ Reney in the Old Cemetery at the Weir, Kilcolgan, on Saturday 17 December. Free article

Champion of underdogs of the world and Ten views of Ernie O’Malley

16 January 2017

Michael Davitt: After the Land League, 1882 -1906 and Modern Ireland and Revolution: Ernie O’Malley in Context Free article

Fr Michael O’Flanagan and the Roscommon by-election

16 January 2017

BY JANUARY 1917, many of the hundreds of Irish political prisoners interned in Fron Goch Camp in north Wales had been released. But many were still imprisoned in England. Others, like Count Plunkett, were legally excluded from Ireland. Free article

Ireland’s forgotten politician

16 January 2017

A committee member for the Gaelic League, he worked behind the scenes for Sinn Féin Free article

‘Magical legalism’: How the British disguise their illegality as legal

16 January 2017

THE REACTION of Tory politicians and their media mouthpieces to the news of two British paratroopers being charged with the 1972 killing of ‘Official IRA’ leader Joe McCann has exposed the colonial mindset of the British Right. Free article

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