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3 October 2016 Edition

Fron Goch – Crash course in revolution

3 October 2016

IT IS ESTIMATED that some 3,500 people were rounded up by the British Government after the 1916 Rising. About 1,500 were released shortly afterwards, leaving around 2,000. Of these, 160 were court-martialled; 90 were sentenced to death and 75 of these sentences were commuted to prison terms ranging from two years to life. Free article

St Enda’s and the Hermitage

3 October 2016

NESTLED in the foothills of Dublin’s Kilmashogue Mountains, in the village of Rathfarnham, sits ‘The Hermitage’, a grand 18th century house and gardens with a history deeply intertwined with Ireland’s freedom struggle. In the late 1790s, as the finishing touches were being placed on the house which would become home and practice to dentist Edward Hudson, a short distance away the British military was embarking on a construction project of its own. Free article

An Phoblacht
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