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2 February 2015 Edition

IRA leaders Emmet Dalton and Frank Aiken

2 February 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Emmet Dalton: Somme Soldier, Irish General, Film Pioneer and Frank Aiken's War: The Irish Revolution 1916-23 Premium service article

Mick Timothy – Revolutionary editor

2 February 2015

THIRTY YEARS AGO, Irish republicans were shocked at the untimely and early death of the editor of An Phoblacht/Republican News, Mick Timothy, at the age of 37. Free article

Noonan wanted An Phoblacht banned

2 February 2015

THE TRUMPETING by the Fine Gael/Labour Government of the right to freedom of speech in the wake of the massacre of Charlie Hebdo magazine staff stands in stark contrast with their own parties’ history of censorship and repression here in Ireland. Taoiseach Enda Kenny told reporters that the killings were an “attack on the basic values of freedom of speech and tolerance”. This was the message from all Government representatives but apparently Labour Party Dublin City Councillor and former Mayor Dermot Lacey didn’t get the message. Lacey’s democratic mask slipped when he took to Twitter to reveal that he wished the Section 31 broadcasting ban against Sinn Féin had never ended. Free article

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