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30 November 2023 Edition

We owe it to our young people to make progress happen

30 November 2023

Restarting the Assembly Executive and getting on to the business of running the Six Counties in the interests of all its citizens was the key theme of Sinn Féin Vice President Michelle O’Neill’s speech to the Ard Fheis. Here, we carry the full text of her Saturday address where she encouraged the Sinn Féin delegates to “not falter in our commitment to build a society that is defined by compassion, hope, opportunity, and prosperity for all”. Free article

Gerry Adams elected president of Sinn Féin

30 November 2023

We asked Jim Gibney to reflect on the 40th anniversary of Gerry Adams's election as Sinn Féin President in November 1983. He talked with two other republican veterans, Danny Morrison and Richard McAuley. Here is Jim’s personal insight, with the input of those two lifelong activists who were there for the key events over the last 40 years. Free article

Budget 2024 doesn't add up

30 November 2023

Rose Conway-Walsh, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Public Expenditure and Reform takes us through the many failings of the Coalition government's Budget 2024 Free article

Working for you across Ireland

30 November 2023

Kathleen Funchion TD and Jemma Dolan MLA tell us of the challenges of being elected representatives in their areas. Kathleen Funchion singles out the issue of domestic violence and the challenges of tackling this when resources to help victims are thin on the ground. Jemma Dolan writes of more than 40 years of a Fermanagh constituency office and the challenges of poverty, housing, and healthcare on the ground in a rural area. Free article

Keeping communities safe

30 November 2023

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Justice Pa Daly TD and Dublin Fingal TD Louise O’Reilly recently launched the party’s proposals to tackle crime in Dublin. The document, ‘Keeping Communities Safe’, outlines key reforms to invest in Gardaí, recruit more staff, and ensure communities are protected from the scourge of crime across Dublin. Here, Pa Daly outlines the key points of the new proposals. Free article

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Affordable childcare is a key equality issue

30 November 2023

Delivering affordable childcare is fundamental to building a fairer and more prosperous society. Free article

Robert Ballagh at 80

30 November 2023

‘Greatest living’ is a phrase we should use with extreme caution. However, Robert Ballagh’s contribution to Irish art over nearly six decades of creativity is unsurpassed in Ireland and internationally. Initially associated with being a founder of Irish Pop Art, Ballagh has moved way beyond designations like this. Free article

Moore Street is the great survivor of the 1916 Rising

30 November 2023

The Moore Street Preservation Trust recently marked the 23rd anniversary of the campaign to save the historic buildings on this street with the unveiling of a depiction of the final meeting of the Provisional Government in 16 Moore Street by Robert Ballagh. Here, we carry an edited version of the speech made by James Connolly Heron at the launch. Free article

A shared history of resilience

30 November 2023

By June 2023, there were over 83,000 Ukrainian refugees spread in communities all across Ireland. Karina Savchuk is Ukrainian and lives in Ireland. Here, she gives an insight into the experience of recently arrived refugees from the war in Ukraine. Free article

Hidden treasures of republican prison history

30 November 2023

There were more than 50 different republican prison papers published across 130 years of incarceration in jails spread across Ireland and Britain from 1867 to 1999. Eoghan Mac Cormaic sheds a light on this aspect of prison life from the Wild Goose to the Captive Voice. Free article

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