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1 December 2013 Edition

Haass Talks: Sinn Féin’s proposals on the past, parades and flags

1 December 2013

IN A BID to stimulate debate and progress on addressing legacy issues, contentious parades and flags, Sinn Féin published three discussion papers for everyone to consider ahead of meeting US diplomat Dr Richard Haass when the former US special envoy arrived back in Belfast on 18 November with his deputy, Dr Meghan O’Sullivan. Free article

The Sagart

1 December 2013

CLONARD MONASTERY is a place of pilgrimage. They came in their hundreds to say a final goodbye to a good priest, a close friend, a gentle and kind-hearted man, and as courageous and humble a human being as you could ever hope to meet. Free article

Caithfear aitheantas iomlán a éileamh don Ghaeilge san AE

1 December 2013

BHÍ RÍMÉAD agus bród ar Ghaeil ar fud na cruinne ar an 1 Eanáir, 2007, nuair a tugadh aitheantas don Ghaeilge mar theanga oifigiúil san Aontas Eorpach. Bhí dóchas ann an t-am sin go gciallódh sin ardú stádais don teanga go h-idirnáisiúnta, rud a thabharfadh meanma breise don Ghaeilge in Éireann chomh maith. Premium service article

A history of imprisonment and escape

1 December 2013

GERRY KELLY tells An Phoblacht’s PEADAR WHELAN why he decided to put pen to paper to tell the real inside story of ‘The Great Escape’ from the H-Blocks of Long Kesh in September 1983. Premium service article

Breaking the Berlin Wall Breaking the Border

1 December 2013

‘The project of EU integration is all about bringing people together and breaking down borders’ Free article

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Sinn Féin’s new National Spokesperson on Women asks . . . Where are all the women?

1 December 2013

AT a recent business event ‘on the Hill’ at Stormont I found myself wondering: “Where are all the women?” I looked around, continued to politely mingle and then it hit me: I was the ONLY woman in the room. Free article

Dublin is the bag man for multinationals

1 December 2013

AT THE Clinton Global Initiative conference in New York in September, Bill Clinton raised the question of what actions companies could take to support development in Africa. Mo Ibrahim, a Sudanese-British mobile communications entrepreneur and billionaire (no raving Marxist he), pleaded that global companies should pay their taxes in Africa. “All those big companies don’t pay taxes in Africa. That is just not acceptable,” he said. Free article

Language, resistance and revival: The importance of culture in struggle

1 December 2013

PEADAR WHELAN, a former political prisoner who learned much of his Irish in Long Kesh, opens up a challenging debate on the back of the recent publication of Feargal Mac Ionnrachtaigh’s new book, Language, Resistance and Revival: Republican Prisoners and the Irish Language in the North of Ireland. The subject of the book is the revival of the Irish language and the importance of the republican prisoners in that revival but, Peadar Whelan argues, it develops “a polemic around resistance and revival tied into our struggle against Britain’s rule in our country over the centuries”. Premium service article

Give eels a chance

1 December 2013

Robert Allen gives us a flavour of Lough Neagh’s eels, regarded as the best in Europe Free article

Exiting the bail-out

1 December 2013

THE Irish Government’s laughable assertion that it has recovered our economic sovereignty as a result of exiting the bail-out is contradicted by two points: first, the Fiscal Treaty gives the EU permanent oversight of our budgetary and economic policy; second, our economic capacity has been savaged by austerity for a very long time into the future. Premium service article

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