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17 September 2009 Edition

Dublin honours one of its finest republicans, Dessie Ellis

17 September 2009

COUNCILLOR DESSIE ELLIS, from Finglas, is the honouree at this year's Dublin Volunteers Dinner Dance, a night of remembrance to commemorate the Dublin Volunteers who died in the conflict and a night to celebrate one of Dublin's most respected republicans. Dessie talks to ELLA O'DWYER about the various sites of struggle he's been involved in: a gauntlet of arrests, imprisonment, hunger strike, extradition and party politics. Free article

The Mitchel McLaughlin Column

17 September 2009

COMING towards the close of the last Assembly session there were tentative signs that Peter Robinson was intent on making partnership government work. It seemed that he was recognising the folly of permitting Jim Allister to set the DUP agenda. But after a five-week holiday in Florida it would appear that Peter has succumbed to the David Trimble syndrome of looking over his shoulder. Instead of being reinvigorated and showing positive leadership, Peter Robinson has clearly lost his nerve and delivered a speech that can only encourage Jim Allister to believe that he can eventually force the DUP to retreat from the power-sharing Executive. Free article

Referendum Watch ... Referendum Watch ...

17 September 2009

What's the first thing that comes into your mind when you see Enda Kenny peering down at you from a lampost? Is it the commitment to cut 14,000 public sector jobs in Fine Gael's April 2009 pre-Budget submission? Is it their belief that private for profit healthcare is part of the solution to our hospital crisis? Free article

Hypocrisy and hysteria surround Lockerbie release

17 September 2009

THE prolonged furore surrounding the Scottish Government's decision to release the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, terminally ill Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, has been fuelled by the British Tory press on a firm election footing. Now the media hysteria over Megrahi's release to his Libyan homeland is being directed into an anti-republican campaign that aims to undermine the work of victims' groups in Ireland which have campaigned for an independent, international truth commission which would fully investigate the war in the North - and treat all its victims equally. Free article


17 September 2009

Ar na gearáin is mó a rinneadh in aghaidh rialtais agus rialtas Bhaile Átha Cliath ó bhunú an stáit bhí an gearán gur threig an stát na hÉireannaigh a chuaigh ar imirce ón tír seo go Sasana, Meiriceá agus áiteanna eile ar fud an domhain. Ag am nach raibh poist ná deiseanna sa tír, díbríodh na mílte mílte Éireannaigh thar sáile ag lorg fostaíochta agus ioncam lena dteaghlaigh a choinneáil le chéile ar ais in Éirinn. D'imigh siad ó gach cearn den tír, thuaidh, theas, thoir agus thiar, Gaeltacht agus iarGhaeltacht araon, agus chaith na mílte acu saol fada oibre i bhfad ó Chríocha Fodhla ach i gcónaí ag cuimhneamh siar ar an áit dúchas. Free article


17 September 2009

With special guest Pat Cox. SO as to facilitate a more honest debate on the Lisbon Treaty, this week the Julia Carney Column will be written by Pat Cox, head of Ireland for Europe. Julia will return next week. Free article

More than a game By Gael Gan Náire

17 September 2009

IS IT SAFE, I wonder, for a lad to come to Dublin on Sunday? You damn well know what I am talking about now, and not just the normal taking of one's life in one's hands when you visit that Sodom and Gomorrah! I am talking about the bloody Celtic crowd. Writing letters to the paper and making all sorts of silly oul cracks at me. Go away and be a man about it. Crowd of gutties. And let that be an end to that. Free article

Remembering the Past BY MÍCHEÁL Mac DONNCHA

17 September 2009

FOLLOWING the Declaration of Independence of the Irish Republic and the establishment of Dáil Éireann in January 1919, the Irish people had a functioning government but one which was increasingly subject to British repression. Many TDs were in jail or on the run yet the Dáil set up a number of departments, sent diplomatic missions abroad and began replacing the British legal system with Republican Courts. The British Government showed no sign of recognising Irish democracy. It was emboldened on the international front as Britain and France had totally dominated the post-war negotiations at the Versailles Peace Conference and blocked the efforts of representatives of Ireland, India, Egypt and other subject nations from receiving a hearing. In June, US President Woodrow Wilson admitted that he could not fulfil his much-publicised commitment to the self-determination of nations. Free article

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