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18 June 2009 Edition

The Mitchel McLaughlin Column

18 June 2009

WE REGULARLY hear consumers on talk programmes and in letters pages of the print media complaining about the high cost of motor insurance in this country compared to Britain and elsewhere in Europe. Sinn Féin has called for the establishment of a state insurance company similar to those operating in a number of Canadian provinces as well as parts of the United States, New Zealand and Australia. I believe that in the present economic climate it is an issue that should command serious consideration by both the Assembly and Oireachtas Free article

New Kilkenny Councillor prepares for future challenges

18 June 2009

KATHLEEN FUNCHION joined Sinn Féin in 2003, when she began campaigning in Kilkenny for the local elections of the following year when Tom Kiernan was the candidate. Pretty soon her capabilities were identified and she was selected to be the general election candidate for Carlow/ Kilkenny in the 2007 general election. She polled over 2,500 first-preferences, increasing the Sinn Féin vote in the constituency. Free article

If at first you don't succeed... stick at it

18 June 2009

THE response to Sinn Féin's election performance last week varied from disappointment to delight, depending on the region you were looking at. While the results in the capital left people a little downbeat, the outcome nationally is another story and very significant inroads were made across the country. Aside from the not inconsiderable fact that Bairbre de Brún topped the poll in the EU election in the Six Counties, there were very significant gains in places like Munster. Look, for instance, at Limerick City, where MAURICE QUINLIVAN became the first Sinn Féin councillor since Paddy Mulcahy way back in 1955. Free article


18 June 2009

MISSING the point completely this week - which, if nothing else, shows remarkable week-in, week-out consistency - is John Drennan of the Sunday Independent. John revealed that the deployment of gardaí in Mayo to protect the dodgy Corrib gas project of one of the richest transnational corporations in the world has cost €12 million since 2006. The use of gardaí at Shannon to facilitate US troop transfers and suspected renditions flights also cost a few million. Free article

Trí lá sa merde

18 June 2009

Tá sé ocht nó naoi mbliain anois ó thosaigh mé ag dul go dtí an Bhriotáin ar na laethanta saoire agus téimid ar ais ansin go minic anois ag foghlaim i gcónaí faoi na difríochtaí idir an cultúr thall agus an cultúr abhus. Nuair a bhí na tóghcháin thart coicís o shin fuair triúr againn ticéad ag praghas ana-saor agus ar aghaidh linn ar feadh trí lae sa Bhriotáin ar sos ó pholaitíocht, toghcháin agus agóidí. Bhí comhairleoir ath-tofa inár measc agus níor stop an guthán o maidin go hoíche le glaonna ó na páirtithe eile ag iarraidh a vóta! Free article

More than a game By Gael Gan Náire

18 June 2009

THE Jackeen is on holidays again. Sure, life is one long bloody holiday to the Jackeen and he's probably claimed some social welfare allowance for to pay for the tickets. Them fellas don't know the meaning of the word work. I was with them over in New York in the '60s on the buildings and sure they spent the whole time whingeing and crying about the weather: either it was too cold or too hot. Free article

Remembering the Past: Theobald Wolfe Tone

18 June 2009

THEOBALD Wolfe Tone was born at 44 Stafford Street (now Wolfe Tone Street), Dublin, in 1763. His father was a coachmaker and the family was relatively prosperous. Tone studied law at Trinity College Dublin and in London but never practised. His adventurous character drew him to military affairs and to politics. Free article

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