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7 February 2008 Edition

Alfie Doherty

7 February 2008

ALFIE DOHERTY, who died on 29 January, was laid to rest on 1 February in the Rock Cemetery, Stoneyford, County Antrim, following requiem mass in St Theresa's Church, Glen Road, Belfast. This is an edited version of the graveside oration given by Sinn Féin Dáil leader Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin. Free article

Le Chéile INTERNATIONAL : Honouree Jim Slaven

7 February 2008

JIM SLAVEN (37), from Scotland, is this year's Le Chéile honouree on behalf of the Sinn Féin International Department. Of Irish descent, Jim was, as he puts it, part of "the Hunger Strike generation", from an era that accelerated many people's political development. In Jim's life it sent him at an early age in search of his origins and in particular a neighbouring family, that of James Connolly. He talks to ELLA O'DWYER about the obstacles which have faced the Irish in Scotland over generations and his commitment to promoting the name and cause of Connolly. Free article

The Mitchel McLaughlin Column

7 February 2008

The day innocence died

ON 30 January 1972, Derry and the world awakened to a new day just like so many others, but for many families in Derry that day would change their lives forever.
By teatime on that Sunday afternoon, three women would be widowed, 19 children would lose a father, 20 parents would lose a son, 99 siblings would lose a brother, a week later another child would be... Free article


7 February 2008

Is cuimhin liom agus mé ar scoil ag déanamh dán de chuid Máirtín Ó Díreáin Fear Lasta Lampaí. Tá na focail uilig imithe amach as mo chloigeann anois ach dhá line: "Bá draíodóir an fear beag a raibh an solas ina ghlac." Free article

Matt Treacy

7 February 2008

ANTRIM made hurling history last Sunday by becoming the first non-Leinster side to win the Walsh Cup. They beat Offaly in a game that was played in atrocious conditions and in which Antrim overcame a half-time deficit with the help of the strong wind. Free article

Media View

7 February 2008

IT WAS hard to get down to doing Media View this week. First off, there was the free Six Nations rugby wall chart with the Irish Independent to ponder on, while in its sister paper, the English Indo, I have barely had time to finish the first of five "free mini-books" on The Great Philosophers (there are another nine to go). Free article

Fifth Column

7 February 2008

Dog of war thrown to the dogs

SAS MAN Simon Mann, ring-leader of the 2004 abortive Dogs of War-style mercenary coup to seize power and oil fields – which Margaret Thatcher’s son pleaded guilty to funding – has been extradited from Zimbabwe to Equatorial Guinea and into the hands of his intended victim, President Mbasogo.
Mann, the son of an England cricket captain and heir to the... Free article

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