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31 January 2008 Edition

Le ChÉile Leinster Honouree : Áine Ní Ghabhann

31 January 2008

ÁINE NÍ GHABHANN (57), from Lougherew, County Meath, but a long-standing activist in Dublin City, is the Leinster honouree for the upcoming Le Chéile event to honour republicans who have made an outstanding contribution to the struggle. Free article

The Mary Nelis Column

31 January 2008

HE told it as it was. How his brother had been shot dead by the SAS, five bullets pumped into his back. The RUC had told his brother he would be dead before Christmas and he was. There were no enquiries or explanations. When they finally got his clothes from the RUC, they were in shreds, torn apart, like his body, by the force of the bullets. Free article

Classic 1970's republican music albums re-released

31 January 2008

TWO classic republican music albums recorded by the legendary Kathleen Largey and The Flying Column are once again available having just been re-released. Free article

We shall overcome

31 January 2008

THIS Tuesday, 29 January, marked the formal establishment in 1967 of the NI Civil Rights Association (NICRA). Four decades later, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP MLA, who was one of the small number people present at the founding of the association, sent his best wishes to all of those who participated in or supported the efforts to achieve fundamental civil and human rights in those difficult days. Free article

Irish hardship in Britain

31 January 2008

A RECENT meeting of the British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body heard a report on the Irish community in Britain which described the appalling vista of discrimination, ill-health and poverty which has characterised the experience of Irish people living Britain for decades. Free article

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INTERNATIONAL : Martina Anderson MLA in Venezuela

31 January 2008

VENEZUELA has become an example of how a "developing" country can use its natural resources to improve the living conditions of the population. The Chavez government is also an example of how, when there is a willingness, governments can fulfil their obligations to the citizens and offer efficient public services. Sinn Féin's MARTINA ANDERSON MLA had an opportunity to experience the Bolivarian Revolution first-hand when she visited Venezuela in January to attend the founding congress of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela. SALLY GALLAGHER spoke to her soon afterwards. Free article


31 January 2008

BOOK REVIEW The Price of Our Souls: Gas, Shell and Ireland Free article


31 January 2008

STOP MO BHUS i bpríomhchathair stairiúil na Bolaive inniu - Sucre. Ag an phointe seo cha dtig liom a rá gur mhaith liom na bailte móra seo, sílim i gcónaí go mbíonn i bhfad níos mó le fheiceáil sna ceantair iargúlta i measc na sléibhte arda agus paistí beaga de thalamh glas. Ach thig liom mo lámh a chur thar mo chroí agus a rá libh go raibh mé contráilte an t-ám seo. Free article

Matt Treacy

31 January 2008

When the Carlow corner back Evan Doyle fell to the ground clutching his face - having received a slight, and perhaps even an affectionate, tap to the back of his head from Denis Bastick - there were infuriated cries from the Dublin supporters in Doctor Cullen Park. "Get up. The nominations for the Oscars are closed." Free article

Media View

31 January 2008

LIARS, scaremongers, malcontents, extremists and political illiterates are, according to the Europhile media, the people who are campaigning for a 'No' vote on the Lisbon Treaty. Now The Irish Times has gone further and decreed that even that section of the broader population intending to vote 'No' is badly educated. Free article

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