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29 November 2007 Edition

Regaining Momentum: The Sinn Féin fightback in strategic context

29 November 2007

TWENTY years ago, Sinn Féin conducted an extended internal process of analysis and debate nationally about the oncoming phase of struggle. This period of discussion was a backdrop to the leadership's focus upon formulating Towards a Lasting Peace. The context of that process helped to foment the politics which shaped the party's evolving peace strategy and the putative negotiations leading up to the 1990s. Free article

The Mary Nelis Column

29 November 2007

The Six Counties is not a normal political entity and a large section of the population recognises that reality. That's why they voted for the consensus democracy as laid down in the Good Friday Agreement Free article

Summary execution documents must

29 November 2007

DOCUMENTS relating to the summary executions of three men must be surrendered to the coroner in the event of new inquests, a Belfast judge ruled this week. Free article

INTERVIEW: Peter Graves, Manager of the Sinn Féin Bookshop in Dublin

29 November 2007

IF YOU'RE reading this paper, the chances are that we have just have the solution to some of your Christmas shopping problems - a visit to the Sinn Féin Bookshop at 58 Parnell Square, Dublin. Free article

Too much consensus in disjointed but thought provoking programme

29 November 2007

The dead weight of the past is lifted when it is explored without fear of the consequences. Instead, Irish history today is written to an ethereal agenda. It keeps the middle class intelligentsia in line. Dubhaltach O'Donavan reviews Hidden History: The Irish Historian. RTÉ One Television, 27 November 2007 Free article

1798 in West Wicklow brought alive

29 November 2007

Such a book is vital for every county, town, village or townland, where local history is made a living history, where the facts and details, overlooked or passed over as not being important, are given their proper import. Aengus Ó Snodaigh reviews the new book The Longest Rebellion: The Dunlavin massacre, Michael Dwyer and West Wicklow 1798-1803. By Chris Lawlor Free article

Cúlchaint Le Séarlas De Geailf

29 November 2007

Tá mé i ndiaidh landáil istigh an doras ó Chorcaigh agus tá mo chomrádaí tí stiúgtha meisce tar éis buidéal Camparí a ól - nach sin an deoch a mbíonn na mná ar James Bond ag ól sula dtéann siad ar strae leis an diabhal Sasanach sin agus é ag obair do na bodaí móra ag marú 'sceimlitheoirí' le peann draíochta. Free article


29 November 2007

IN MANY of the obituaries written for Norman Mailer, reference was made to what almost amounted to his obsession with boxing. For anti-boxing or, better still, anti-Mailer writers, this was further proof of Mailer's machismo and his need to prove himself as a writer in a competitive way. Free article


29 November 2007

Things have changed. This week we have conclusive, or to use that favourite tabloid term "exclusive", proof that the world has turned upside down, inside out, pick your own term. In short the last week has shown that no means yes. Our proof comes from the world of television, radio, newspapers and the ever growing and omnipotent internet. Free article

5th Column

29 November 2007

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column Free article

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