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12 July 2007 Edition

The Mary Nelis Column

12 July 2007

How does any Government nurture peace if they refuse to acknowledge their role in the root causes of conflict? That's the question. Free article

The all Ireland agenda : Challenging injustice, North and South

12 July 2007

SEAN OLIVER argues that Sinn Féin's all-Ireland agenda must exploit new political opportunities to mobilise people on both sides of the border to demand their rights and create a new Ireland. Free article

The Tricolour : Symbol of unity, reconciliation and shared interest

12 July 2007

National and cultural symbols can grow and then fade in importance. Whether it's a song, colour, emblem, building, or indeed a flag. They can be abused, as is too often the case, or they can emerge as a symbol of reconciliation and practical, positive affirmations of shared, mutually beneficial goals. Free article

Interview : Sinn Féin Mayor of Athlone, Paul Hogan

12 July 2007

The new Mayor of Athlone is Councillor Paul Hogan. At 24, he is believed to be the youngest ever Chairperson of Athlone Town Council and is also the first Sinn Féin member to hold the position. Hogan, with the support of Fianna Fail councillors, defeated Councillor Mark Cooney, son of former Fine Gael Minister Paddy Cooney in the Mayoral vote. Here, Paul Hogan talks to ELLA O'DWYER about his pride at being selected to represent the people of Athlone, his intention to carry out his Mayoral duties in a fair and impartial manner and about his passion for the Irish language and sport. Free article

Interview : Hughie Byrne - veteran An Phoblacht van driver retires

12 July 2007

Last month HUGHIE BYRNE (65), a delivery driver with An Phoblacht for over 18 years, retired. Here he talks to ELLA O'DWYER about growing up in Dublin, his republicanism and his passion for 'fishing'. Free article


12 July 2007

Tá fothbhríste leis an focal 'endurance' scríofa ar an taobh, ag crochadh ar an chiseán; tá scata chuileoga ag ithe úll lofa ar an talamh agus cuileog eile ag déanamh leaba dó féin ar sean stoca ar an mbord. Free article

The Resistance Campaign 50 years on

12 July 2007

Mícheál MacDonncha continues a monthly series marking the 50th anniversary of the IRA's Resistance Campaign - more widely known as the Border Campaign - which commenced in December 1956. The series will be based on the monthly republican newspaper of the time An tÉireannach Aontaithe/The United Irishman. Free article

Media View

12 July 2007

Most republicans find slightly amusing the obsessive hatred with which papers like the Sunday Independent wage their campaigns against Sinn Féin, with no effort spared to frighten the children with tales of dark deeds and malicious manipulation. Free article

The Matt Treacy Column

12 July 2007

The first Dublin match I ever brought Ciara to was the 2001 qualifier against Sligo. She was only five at the time and watching her being tailored out in her blue shirt, tracksuit top and hair band reminded me of the first match my father brought me to except that there was no cool stuff then. Only paper hats that said 'Up Dublin!' in marker on their cardboard peak and which made you look like a matronly Tory Party Conference delegate when it rained and the dye ran into your hair. Free article

Letter to the Taoiseach

12 July 2007

The Seanad Elections are upon us now, Taoiseach. I see that there is unrest within the membership of the Green Party about the suggestion that there will be supervision of their party councillors. This is to make sure that they vote for designated Fianna Fáil candidates. Free article

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