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1 February 2007 Edition

Extraordinary Ard Fheis: McGuinness proposes Ard Chomhairle motion

1 February 2007

Proceedings at what was one of the most historic Sinn Féin gatherings ever on Sunday 28 January, were opened by Sligo Councillor Seán McManus who began his remarks by saying that he was very aware that amongst the delegates and visitors to the Extraordinary Sinn Féin Árd Fheis were the families of deceased IRA Volunteers and to loud applause he said that the thoughts and sympathies of the Ard Chomhairle were very much with them. Free article

Extraordinary Ard Fheis: Afternoon session 1

1 February 2007

The afternoon session of the Extraordinary Ard Fheis opened with a long line of speakers queueing up to the side of the platform. The vast majority made a case for accepting the Árd Comhairle motion. Free article

Extraordinary Ard Fheis: Afternoon session 2

1 February 2007

A long queue of delegates were still waiting to speak as Cllr Martin Kenny, Dáil candidate for Roscommon/South Leitrim reached the podium at 5 o'clock. Kenny outlined how up till two months ago he was entirely opposed to the proposition the Ard Fheis was debating. "However one of the things that struck me was unionism said when the IRA ceasefire happened - they said it was the most destabilising thing that could happen. They see us not as giving something, they see us as taking something. And I think we have to the courage to take it". Free article

Extraordinary Ard Fheis: Closing address

1 February 2007

In his closing address Party President Gerry Adams said it had been one of the most important debates in the recent history of Ireland and of Irish republicanism and that the decision was truly historic. Free article

A party the likes of which this country has never seen

1 February 2007

It was another date with history as Sinn Féin delegates and visitors gathered in Ballsbridge last Sunday morning. Young and old, urban and rural, North and South, men and women poured into the RDS Industries Hall in their thousands. The predominant mood was one of confidence and unity. Many had attended one or other of the internal republican gatherings or huge public meetings held in various parts of the country to discuss the policing issue in the run up to the Extraordinary Ard Fheis. People were well versed in the issues at stake, very focussed on the decision to be made and very up for the debate. Free article

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Extraordinary Ard Fheis: Attendance by senior trade unionists 'siginificant'

1 February 2007

Amongst those guests in attendance at Sunday's Extraordinary Ard Fheis were representatives of the trade union movement in Ireland. Seated amongst the delegates were SIPTU General President Jack O'Connor and its National Industrial Secretary responsible for Commercial Semi-States, Mick Halpenny. ATGWU Regional Secretary Mick O'Reilly and Patricia McKeown, Regional Secretary of UNISON were also in attendance as were Kevin Doherty of ICTU and the Belfast Council of Trade Unions and Kerry Flack of the Belfast Council of Trades Unions. Free article

The Mitchel McLaughlin Column

1 February 2007

I congratulate all the delegates who took part in the Extraordinary Ard Fheis. The comradely and constructive manner in which the debate took place was exemplary. What was achieved by this decision cannot be understated, not only has it created the space for the Ard Chomhairle to pursue the change still required to achieve accountable policing but it has taken away another issue being cynically used by our opponents to prevent change. Free article

Dáil general election profile: Kathleen Funchion, Carlow/Kilkenny

1 February 2007

Sinn Féin general election candidate KATHLEEN FUNCHION (25) is from Callan, County Kilkenny. Coming from a family with a strong social awareness and a trade union background, she talks to ELLA O'DWYER about the influences behind her decision to join Sinn Féin, the priority issues in Carlow/Kilkenny, and the need for a political alternative in the region. Free article

National Development Plan: Short of new ideas, long on promises

1 February 2007

Ever get the feeling you have been here before or maybe just heard it all before? Well if you took the time to wade through either the acres of newspaper coverage on the Fianna Fail/Progressive Democrat new National Development Plan, or actually read or downloaded the text, you would quickly realise the new strategy leaked systematically in the weeks since the new year and launched with much hype last week was short of new ideas, long on hard to keep promises and seriously in danger of repeating past failures. Free article

Cúlchaint le Seán ó Donaile

1 February 2007

Tá mé díreach i ndiaidh féachaint ar Francie Bellew ag deánamh iarracht Mickey Linden a chur i lár na seachtaine seo chugainn lena ghualann agus in ainneoin na tacaíochta agus na háibheile cuireann sé i gcuimhne dom an difear mór idir an pheil is an iomáint, caoireoil agus uaineoil! Free article

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