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26 October 2006 Edition

Remembering the Past

26 October 2006

Máire Drumm Free article

Irish unity - Need for more strategic thinking at EU level

26 October 2006

Last week saw a major one-day conference at the European Parliament to discuss how the EU can assist the process of Irish unity. The conference, which brought together academics, MEPs and an all Ireland delegation of Sinn Féin activists and elected representatives, looked at lessons from other countries. There were contributions from German academics and Cypriot MEPs on their experiences of unification and prospects for unity respectively. Free article

Moyross - problems are surmountable

26 October 2006

With a number of recent shootings, two young children seriously injured in a firebomb attack last month and families feeling forced to move out of the area, the Limerick housing estate of Moyross has been in the news headlines for all the wrong reasons. Here, ELLA O'DWYER speaks to Sinn Féin Limerick East general election candidate Maurice Quinlivan about the reality of life in Moyross and the nature of the problems faced by local residents. Free article

Letter to the Taoiseach

26 October 2006

I have always been a great believer in writing to the Taoiseach. Who else are you supposed to tell if the PSNI is using CS gas against Catholics in Strabane or Lurgan? Free article

Media View

26 October 2006

Who fears to speak of Sinn Féin? Most of the hacks and their media masters can only warm to a Sinn Féin story if it involves a former prisoner (and his/her record), a distorted quote that indicates support for violence, or unspecified and unsubstantiated allegations of criminality. But political campaigns, a Dáil speech on the health service or the grilling of a government minister about cronyism does not fit into the tabloid caricature of a republican politician and must therefore be ignored - or even worse, it should be distorted to the point where other political parties are credited with republican initiatives. Free article

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Power, madness and economists

26 October 2006

Last week, Sinn Féin MEP Bairbre de Brún was on the Newstalk radio station to talk about an important one-day conference organised by the party at the European Parliament to discuss how the EU can assist in ending partition and in the process of Irish unity. Jim Power, Chief Economist with Friends First and self-styled Sinn Féin bête-noir, was unleashed by Newstalk to destroy de Brún's arguments. Free article

The Matt Treacy Column

26 October 2006

It always provides a chap with food for thought when one hears that one is a topic of conversation in South Armagh. Many's the invitation to dinner in Camlough - strictly black tie - that has been fingered tentatively as the invitee pondered on whether his friendship with an avuncular fellow from Lisburn had raised suspicions, or did they just like the cut of his jib. Free article

The Fifth Column

26 October 2006

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Free article


26 October 2006

Tharla a lán rudaí iontacha i mo shaol le déanaí. Tá má ag glacadh leis na deiseanna nua 's iontacha i mo dhomhan. Tá mé ag dul leis an bomaite. Tá mo shaol lán le grá, go háirithe in Copperface Jacks gach Aoine. Tá clann is cairde iontach agam. Rith mé sé mhíle anocht laistigh de 48 bomaite - sin míle gach 8 bomaite, don chéad uair i gcceathair bhliain. Free article

Téad an Tachtaire ag Teannú

26 October 2006

Le linn dom páirt a ghlacadh i dturas de bhuíon Éireannch a thug cuairt ar an mBruach Thiar sa Phalaistín, is léir go bhfuil an scéal ag dul in olcas do mhuintir na Palaistíne leis an gcos ar bolg a imríonn Stát Iosrael orthu. Tá saol sóisialta, polaitiúil agus eacnamúil na bPalaistíneach á dtachtú ag na hIosraelaigh de réir a chéile le go mbeidh siad in ann a n-aisling Síónach a chur i gcrích. Aisling na Síónach is ea tromluí na bPalaistíneach ar ndóigh! Free article

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