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19 October 2006 Edition

Governments proposals - Detail still being worked out

19 October 2006

In the wake of the recent round of political negotiations in Scotland and proposals from the Irish and British Governments for the full restoration of political institutions of the Good Friday Agreement, An Phoblacht spoke to Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator MARTIN McGUINNESS about the latest developments in the Peace process. Free article

Shell to Sea - Dublin activist calls for increased solidarity action

19 October 2006

Last week a group of Shell to Sea protestors, opposed to the Corrib gas pipeline in County Mayo, occupied the headquarters of Shell Ireland in Dublin. Some of the protestors took over the lobby of the building while others climbed onto the roof. Free article

The Mary Nellis Column

19 October 2006

History is littered with reports and inquiries set up by the British for their atrocities in Ireland. All have been cover-ups of state terror. We should have learned way back in the days of Cameron and Scarman and Widgery and Bennett, that murder, torture and character assassination are nothing new in the context of British rule in Ireland. Free article

Media View

19 October 2006

The high point of the last week's media coverage was undoubtedly that incredible, arrogant editorial from The Irish Times bemoaning the fact that, despite the Times' best efforts, an ungrateful people had chosen the wrong option. At least "we know," Madam Editor intoned, "what kind of people we are." Free article

Opinion polls - 57% of voters think next election doesn't matter

19 October 2006

Everyone knows there will not be an election tomorrow, or in the coming months, but we do know that the public will be subjected to a growing barrage of opinion polls in newspapers and TV media, but to what end who is benefiting? Free article

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Remembering the Past

19 October 2006

Sheena campbell Free article

Multinationals - No strategy to reduce overdependence

19 October 2006

The 26 Counties remains highly dependent on foreign multinationals. There is no strategy to reduce this overdependence by developing our indigenous industries. The Government has pinned its aspirations for the future of the economy on maintaining a low-tax regime that is attractive to foreign, and in particular US, multinationals. It has disregarded the fact that this dependence leaves the state particularly vulnerable in the event of global economy downturns, downturns in the United States and even to US legislative developments. Free article

Dá Acht - Sprioc amháin

19 October 2006

Fuair mé téacs ó chara liom ag an deireadh seachtaine ag insint dom go raibh cath mór a bhí pobal na Gaeilge ag troid, agus i lár ullmhúcháin don chéad bhabhta eile, go raibh sé buaite agus Acht Gaeilge faighte againn mar chuid d'idirbheartaíochtaí Chill Aindreasa! Free article

Fifth Column

19 October 2006

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Free article


19 October 2006

Rotha mór an tsaoil. Ag fás aníos i gContae an Chláir ní raibh dúil ar bith againn i lúthchleasaíocht ach amháin an té nach raibh in ann iomáint a imirt. Free article

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