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7 July 2005 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

Dúirt Siad...

The British could not be trusted to cook and worse food was only to be found in Finland

Jacques Chirac joking to Vladimir Putin and Gerhard Schröder about the culinary capabilities of the British, perhaps based on his previous experience when George Robertson (former Secretary General of NATO) insisted that he try a Scots speciality, namely haggis!

The Guardian, 5 July.

The only thing the British have done for agriculture is mad cow disease.

Chirac perhaps winding-up Tony Blair ahead of the Olympic bid in Singapore, also a pointed reference to Britain standing alone as regards their stance on the future EU Agricultural budget.

The Guardian, 5 July.

In a further spat in Anglo-French relations, with the French and British entertaining competing bids to host the 2012 Olympics, the architect of the proposed London Stadium said that the French "Stade de France was flawed". The French have countered that they have "a proven asset", while London has " a virtual bid".

The Guardian, 5 July.

Following the rumours last May of DUP member Paul Berry soliciting a "male masseur" in order to treat "an old sports injury", the DUP have suspended him from the party. The "male masseur" in question was adamant that it was a homosexual liaison after Mr Berry pestered and bombarded him with text messages in a gay chat room. Previously, Mr Berry, a rising star in the DUP, came to prominence as a gospel singer in the Free Presbyterian Church singing protest songs against David Trimble and had strongly supported Orangemen during the Drumcree protest. At 22 years of age , he was the youngest Assembly member to be elected. Before this, the DUP prided itself on its "Ulster against sodomy" campaign. The editor of the Sunday World claims he has tape recordings of the elicit encounter and can thus stand over the story. The "male masseur" in question stated that while his revelations weren't " politically motivated", he was angry "at the DUP's and Free Presbyterian's stance on homosexuality".

Irish News, 5 July.

A major embarrassment is ensuing for the British Royal family following the victory in an unfair dismissal case by Prince Harry's former art teacher. She claimed that she had been forced by a senior member of staff in Eton, a top public school in Britain for the ultra-privileged, to help Prince Harry cheat in his art exam. She was then intimidated afterwards for not being sufficiently co-operative. She secretly taped the prince talking which she states proves that she helped him cheat. She also taped her boss saying to her: "The gloves are off now...You're just a mere chattel...I don't care about you as an individual". Evidently, the upper-class model of education is alive and well in Britain.

Irish Times, 6 July.

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