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23 March 2005 Edition

Time to change partitionist party structure

23 March 2005

Well done to Domhnall Ó Cobhthaigh on his 'Turning defence into offence' article in last week's An Phoblacht. Domhnall raises valid new arguments as well as others that have been articulated before but which we, as republicans, need to be ever mindful of as we carry out our roles as political activists. He is dead right about one thing in particular. Free article

Oil and imperialism

23 March 2005

THE last century was a bloody one of wars and destruction. It is out on its own compared with any other century in terms of the frightening scale of manmade horror and mayhem. William Engdahl argues convincingly that the primary cause of much of the violence and destruction is Anglo-American capitalism and its need to control the fuel for all human industry - petroleum. Free article

Propaganda posing as history

23 March 2005

The Year London Blew Up, a drama/documentary broadcast on RTÉ 1 over two nights last week, suffered from a virulent tunnel vision in relation to the particular years in which the events occurred. Free article

Sinn Féin: 100 d'aois

23 March 2005

Many republicans may have noticed by now that this year Sinn Féin is commemorating reaching the grand age of 100. Here, AN DRAOI RUA takes the opportunity to look at the historical foundation of the political party. Free article

1969 Republican Roll of Honour 2005

23 March 2005

"Life springs from death and from the graves of dead patriot men and women spring living nations." Free article

The 5th Column

23 March 2005

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Read on... Free article

The McMahon family massacre - Remembering the Past

23 March 2005

On 23 March 1922, 83 years ago, five members of the McMahon family and another man were murdered by the RIC in their family home in North Belfast. At 1.20 am, masked men sledgehammered down the door of the three-storey house at 3 Kinnaird Terrace, rousing the occupants, who at first suspected a bomb had been put in the letterbox, from their beds. Free article

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