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23 March 2005 Edition

IRA Easter message 2005

23 March 2005

On this, the 89th anniversary of the Easter Rising of 1916, we remember the men and women of every generation who have given their lives in the struggle for Irish freedom. Free article

Stronger than ever

23 March 2005

Hundreds of republicans gathered outside the GPO on Dublin's O'Connell Street last Saturday with one message - republicanism will not be criminalised. Wearing t-shirts proclaiming '340,000 voters can't be wrong' on the front, and 'Republican and proud' on the back, Sinn Féin MLAs, TDs, councillors, activists and supporters rallied in the capital in response to the recent onslaught on republicanism by the political establishment and the media. Free article

Time to put Process back at top of agenda

23 March 2005

SINCE Ian Paisley walked away from an unprecedented package of initiatives in December, the two governments, rather than alienate the DUP, devised a strategy of vilification and demonisation of the Sinn Féin leadership and by extension - our electorate. Free article


Inquiries Bill slammed as Finucanes visit US - Cory makes stinging attack on legislation

23 March 2005

Last week, the world's media descended on Washington for the White House's St Patrick's Day celebration. News reports were dominated by the attendance of the McCartney family at the event and the absence of the North's political parties. Free article

Fears over Nelson Inquiry

23 March 2005

This week, the sixth anniversary of the killing of Rosemary Nelson was overshadowed by fears that the terms of reference set by the British Government were designed to obscure rather than expose the truth about the plot to kill the 40-year-old Lurgan solicitor. Rosemary Nelson, mother of three, died of her injuries after a booby trap bomb was attached to her car in 1999. Free article

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