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19 August 2004 Edition

Is the dream of Scottish independence over?

19 August 2004

MICK DERRIG courts controversy with the contention that, as the current battle for the leadership of the Scottish National Party takes place, the dream of Scottish independence has been successfully defused by Tony Blair. Free article

Revisiting Casement

19 August 2004

Tuesday 3 August marked the 88th anniversary of Roger Casement's execution in Pentonville Jail. This work is the result of an inquiry by a forensics professor, WJ McCormack, in determining whether Casement's 'black diaries' were forged or not. Free article

Government blows wind energy potential

19 August 2004

As oil prices hit record highs and global demand continues to rise, An Phoblacht's ROISIN DE ROSA, in the first of a two-part series, looks at the issue of windpower and asks why Ireland has such a dependency on imported fuels when we have Europe's greatest wind generating capacity. Free article

Ruaig ar Rónta

19 August 2004

Seals may not be hunted for their skins these days but by salmon farmers protecting their stock. Judging by the folklore behind them, these creatures of the sea should be treated more fairly, writes AN DRAOI RUA. Free article

The 5th Column

19 August 2004

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Read on... Free article

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