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5 August 2004 Edition

After disappointing results in the recent European and local elections are the Greens on the slide?

5 August 2004

asks Sinn Féin Dublin Cathaoirleach Justin Moran. Greens on the wane - don't hold your breath says Green Party/Comhaontas Glas Dublin South TD, Eamon Ryan. Free article

The 5th Column

5 August 2004

An Phoblacht's famous weekly satirical column. Read on... Free article

Rebel writers

5 August 2004

"The written word is probably one of the most unique achievements handed down to us through human evolution. The word on a page has the power to motivate us, to educate us, to empower us." That's how Gerry Adams introduced a novel and welcome development at one of Féile's many important political and literary events. Free article

The Ceasefire According To Cormac

5 August 2004

The Ceasefire According To Cormac is a long overdue publication by An Phoblacht's own resident cartoonist and political satirist Cormac. The collection of his strips was launched by artist Robert Ballagh on Monday 2 August in the Falls Community Council. Free article

Voyage not to be missed

5 August 2004

'Voyage of No Return', the latest work from writer Brian Campbell and the Dubbeljoint theatre company, raises the issue of racism today. More specifically, it asks why it is that those who have suffered racial (sectarian) persecution down through the ages go on to perpetrate it themselves. Free article

Síolta le Sábháil

5 August 2004

We may be enjoying the harvest of 2004, but we should also remember to save some seeds for the coming spring, writes AN DRAOI RUA. This is just one piece of advice from the Irish Seed Savers Association (www.irishseedsavers.ie). Free article

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