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14 March 2002 Edition

Trimble invites us to call his bluff

14 March 2002

It's an English parlour game as old as the opinions David Trimble appears determined to adhere to. Call my bluff, a now vintage television game show, requires each player to hoodwink the opposing team into believing a false definition of any given word. Subterfuge and the ability to keep a straight face while spinning a yarn, no matter how preposterous, are vital prerequisites. Free article

What needs to be done

14 March 2002

An Phoblacht editor MARTIN SPAIN spoke last weekend with DR ALI HALIMEH, Palestinian ambassador to Ireland, about the current Israeli onslaught against the Palestinian people. Free article

Fermanagh families tell stories of state violence

14 March 2002

The Untold Truth features the stories of ten Fermanagh families whose lives have been affected by state violence in the conflict in the North. Free article

Ahern's out of focus vision

14 March 2002

"Let's go out and get the bastards." "I say to the people of Ireland - together, let's finish the job." Bertie Ahern made two speeches last week. One was in Roscommon at a local election meeting and one was in Dublin as the centerpiece of the Fianna Fáil Ard Fheis. Free article

The great oil and gas rip-off

14 March 2002

Many Irish people do not realise that Ireland has potentially the largest oil and gas reserves in European waters. Ireland's west coast is on the Atlantic Margin, an oil and gas rich geological spine that runs up as far as Norway. But the oil companies know it! So also do some Irish politicians and civil servants, who have allowed this precious resource to be stolen from under our noses. Free article

Two further Turkish hunger strikers die

14 March 2002

Two more hunger strikers have died in Turkey, bringing the total number of dead to 48 in the struggle against the state's introduction of high security F-Type prisons. Free article

Mórthimpeall Éireann Uile

14 March 2002

This week, An Draoi Rua discusses a poem dating from tenth century Ireland which tells the story of Muireachtach, an Ulster chieftain. During the winter of 941/942 AD, he made a circuit of Ireland with a thousand men, taking hostages of the Kings of Ulster, Leinster, Munster and Connaught. He was a real charachter. Free article

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