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22 November 2001 Edition

Designer Age Internees

22 November 2001

It was 4am in the morning. Hundreds of people were on the streets running hither and tither. Doors normally shut tight to permit sleeping families protection from preying elements human and climatic were lying to the hall wall. Worried women with arms folded and brows furrowed looked at us as we rushed past them equally worried. Plastic buckets filled with water were visible at strategic places along the streets; cloths lay along side them. Burning vehicles were strewn everywhere like fences on a racecourse. Free article

Holy cows facing the axe

22 November 2001

I often wondered why so many people vote for the likes of Ruairí Quinn, or elect to read the outpourings of Eoghan Harris and his ilk. It was especially difficult to come up with a good reason to justify their pay packets last week, after seeing both Quinn and Harris levelled by Sinn Féin leaders. Free article

Coalition budget bluffing

22 November 2001

Everything is changed. In the space of a few months, the bullish optimism, the arrogance, the endless hype are all no more. Rising job losses, unemployment and falling tax revenues have all deflated the posturing of the Fianna Fáil/Progressive Democrat government. The coalition suddenly find themselves on the back foot going into an election year, when their fifth and final budget should have put the gloss on their government they find themselves on the defensive and facing up finally to the much more serious issues that had been ignored for the last five years. Or then again maybe not because this government have shown little grasp of what is the economic reality in the 26 Counties and on the island today. Free article

Challenging the Estimates

22 November 2001

Estimates are here again - like Christmas. It's either vote the same old thing, and more of it, or vote yourselves out of a job. Free article

Civil Rights: the other victim of the "war against terrorism"

22 November 2001

Governments around the world have made use of the events of 11 September, in the name of fighting against "international terrorism", to introduce draconian measures that threaten the basic human rights and civil liberties of their own citizens, and curtail even further those of immigrants and asylum seekers. Free article

A Thuilleadh Taibhsí

22 November 2001

Is íontach an rud é ach tá scéalta difriúla ann a chuireann síos ar naoimh ag teacht ar ais ó na marbh agus iad ag tabhairt aire dá suíomhanna naofacha féin. Creidtear go bhduil Naomh Ciarán ag crochadh thart fá Chluain Mhich Nóis go fóill agus é ag déanamh cinnte nach ndéanann duine ar bith damáiste don mhainistir ná don reilg ansin. Tuigear gur bhuail sé roinnt daoine lena bhata nuair nár tugadh an meas ceart don láithreán. Free article

Remembering the Past

22 November 2001

Murder in the Castle Free article


22 November 2001

THE crisis caused by the hard-hitting IRA operations, last week, and in particular the execution of loyalist extremist Robert Bradford, has sent the so-called loyalists on a rebellious collision course with the British government which, in terms of shaking and sickening British public opinion (as IRA bombs in London are successfully doing), should knock about two or three years off the British occupation of Ireland. Free article

Dúirt siad

22 November 2001

The week in quotes... Free article

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