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22 November 2001 Edition

Bloody Sunday families' fury

22 November 2001

Fears that the British judicial system would once again rule in favour of the British Army were realised last week at the High Court in London. Free article

More trouble at Holy Cross as talks offer some hope

22 November 2001

Loyalist thugs who abused a seven year old child on her way to Holy Cross school, yesterday 21 November, were described as, "the lowest of the low". Free article

Workman lucky to be alive

22 November 2001

A Catholic man had a lucky escape from death after a loyalist gunman opened fire on him as he waited for a lift to work on Friday 16 November. Free article

Stobie trial on brink of collapse

22 November 2001

If there ever was any hope of justice for the Finucane family arising out of the Stevens inquiry it was fading fast this week with the immanent collapse of the trial against William Stobie. Free article


RUC/PSNI attack North Belfast nationalists

22 November 2001

Sinn Féin councillor Eoin Ó Broin has accused the RUC/PSNI of indulging in unprovoked violence after they attacked nationalists in Newington Street last Sunday, 18 November. Free article

Clarke's book "a load of rubbish" - McGuinness

22 November 2001

Martin McGuinness has dismissed a Book by Sunday Times columnist Liam Clarke and his wife Kathy Johnston as an attempt to return to the failed policy of demonising the Sinn Féin leadership. Free article

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