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21 September 2000 Edition

Who's telling you how to think?

21 September 2000

Despite the extensive influence of media ownership on our perception and understanding of events and current affairs, isn't it stange that there has been so little debate and academic study of media ownership in Ireland? Free article

Protesters track IMF to Prague

21 September 2000

Some 20,000 representatives of global capital (world bankers, economists and financiers) are expected to converge in Prague from 21 September to attend the 55th annual summit of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group. Delegates will meet to propose a scheme of further liberalisation of the world economy by defining new loan priorities and structural adjustment conditions. Free article

Alternatives to Pylons march

21 September 2000

Tá Grúpa Alternatives to Pylons (ATP) ag eagrú siúlóid ar an Domhnach, an 24ú Mean Fomhair ag 5in. Free article

Sportsview: Shamateur Olympics

21 September 2000

Most of you will, no doubt, watch some of the wall-to-wall coverage of the Olympics. I really can't think why. Free article

Back issue: Fighting the PNR

21 September 2000

SIXTEEN weeks ago, most of the people in Gateaux wouldn't have known what the term PNR meant. Certainly now they do, but now they know with regret what the term PNR means. It means to the workers in Gateaux and to the community in Finglas, a loss of 500 jobs. Free article

Theatre: Flame of Freedom

21 September 2000

By Wexford Artists Price: £5 Available from Sinn Féin shops Free article

Dúirt siad...

21 September 2000

The week in quotes... Free article

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