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21 September 2000 Edition

Even Police Authority slams Mandelson's Bill

21 September 2000

Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly says that the current British government proposals on policing fall far short of the changes proposed in the Patten Report. Free article

A week of upheaval

21 September 2000

Politics moved decisively out of the silly season this week, with both the British and Dublin governments facing a barrage of criticism and protest. Free article

Loyalist bomb attack in Bangor

21 September 2000

A bomb attack in Bangor in which a man was seriously injured and was initially blamed on the LVF may have been carried out by the UDA as part of their ongoing feud with the UVF, it has emerged. In the immediate aftermath of the bombing, PUP spokesperson David Ervine, who described victim Sandy Rice as a close friend, said that the attack was not part of the feud between the UVF and UDA but was drug related. Ervine claimed the victim had been targeted because of his efforts to prevent drug dealers using a club in which he worked. ``The drug dealers he did expel are linked absolutely directly to the LVF,'' said Ervine. Free article

Violence on the Shankill

21 September 2000

``I shot your son - four in the back of the head. I shot him. I'm proud of it.'' These are the words of a UDA killer, taunting the family of his victim. In 1996, two men from the Shankill area were convicted of the murder of 20-year-old Belfast Catholic Sean Monaghan. A third man from the same area was jailed for 16 years for abducting Sean and another Shankill man was jailed for three and a half years after lying to protect the killers. Free article


The out of prison experience

21 September 2000

Analysis of the issues facing former political prisoners tends necessarily to deal in either anecdotal evidence - applying what happens in the life of one particular individual to the entire ex-prisoner community - or alternatively in generalisations such as, for instance, that prisoners often find it extremely hard to cope in the months after leaving jail. Although such comments are undoubtedly broadly true, they do not convey the true complexities that lie beneath such difficulties. Free article

Meehan set to increase Sinn Féin vote

21 September 2000

As the clock ran down on electioneering for the South Antrim by-election, which takes place today, 21 September, the Sinn Féin candidate Martin Meehan told party workers that there was no doubt that ``Sinn Féin will do extremely well''. Free article

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