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13 July 2000 Edition

The struggle is not yet over

13 July 2000

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams is this week in the United States. The following is an edited version of an article on his visit by KATE SHERIDAN, to be published in this week's issue of Irish Northern Aid's newspaper, The Irish People. Free article

Reclaim our cultural territory

13 July 2000

A number of years ago, I had the distinct privilege of meeting one of the last Tyrone native-Irish speakers. An elderly gentleman, he lived in a remote farmhouse in the Sperrin mountains and was delighted to converse with us in a dialect of Gaelic that has since died with him. Free article

Harney is wrong on jobless challenge

13 July 2000

With Leinster House in mothballs for the summer and the long August break beckoning for the Dublin Government, what better to hype up than the latest unemployment figures. It helps detract from the tribunals, the negative poll coverage, and the ongoing attacks of foot and mouth afflicting various coalition members. Free article

Who will control the gene code?

13 July 2000

Dr. John Sulston, who has mapped a third of the human genome (the gene map of the human body), received an honorary degree from Trinity College, Dublin, last Friday, 7 July. He also delivered a public lecture in the university to explain his groundbreaking work. Free article

Coillte agus an Comhshaol

13 July 2000

Is íomaí comhrá a bhí agam le mo chara an Seandraoi Liath agus mé ar saoire in Alban ar na mallaibh. I measc na hábhair a bhí a phlé againn ná tábhacht na gcrann lenár ndúlra a chaomhnú. Leoga, ba léir dom go raibh i bhfad níos mó crainn dúchasacha le feicéail thall ná atá ar fáil in Éirinn. Free article

New in print: Enemies of the state

13 July 2000

Unfinished Business, State Killings and the Quest for Truth By Bill Rolston Beyond the Pale Publications £12.99 Free article

Back issue: MacBride speaks out

13 July 2000

SEAN MacBRIDE former Irish republican leader and politician, and today an internationally respected Unitied Nations diplomat, has spoken out against the H-Blocks for the first time. He did this in the course of a newspaper review of Tim Pat Coogan's book, On the Blanket, published in the Irish Press on Thursday 3 July. Free article

Dúirt siad...

13 July 2000

The week in quotes... Free article

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