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13 July 2000 Edition

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Dúirt siad...

At Drumcree, political Protestantism is quintessentially in the business of consuming its own children. It is dooming them to go ignorantly about the world with a sectarian swagger and a ghetto mentality that will in turn abandon them to the perpetual status of white trash.

Tom McGurk, the Sunday Business Post, 9 July


An Armagh hillside near Portadown has assumed the same malevolent presence as Norman Bates's home in Psycho. Squat, lurking sinister, it waits for the annual celebration of hate that turns the quiet fields around into a war zone of razor wire, mud, fire, blood and gunpowder.

Anne Cadwallader writing in Ireland On Sunday on the Drumcree siege, 9 July


Well, they have taken to the streets and shown the rest of the world what their sort of Ulsterman is about - bloodshed, violence, lawlessness, intimidation, arson, brutality and thuggery of the worst kind. The Orange Order has clearly shown itself this week to be the military wing of unionism, fit to be ranked with the UFF and the DUP.

Ireland On Sunday editorial


I'm sure the parents of those children who died from plastic bullets wished they had been soaked with water cannons. It would have been much better to bring home a child with wet clothes than a body.

Caller to Irish News comment line on the use of water cannon by the RUC on loyalists at Drumcree as opposed to plastc bullets.


The Parades Commission have set out a course action which they believe could lead to a final resolution. We have tried to face up to the challenge, but the onus is now on the Orange Order.

Garvaghy residents' spokesperson Breandán Mac Cionnaith on the Parades Commission's decision upholding the restrictions on the Orange march


In Drumcree, these people are marching through many areas as if they are flaunting their superiority.

US Congressman Donald Payne on the Orangemen at Drumcree


Drumcree is a line in the sand, the Rubicon, a line where the unionist people are saying: this and no further.

DUP Assembly member Jim Wells


I believe we are back on our knees again and soon will be back on our feet.

Portadown District Master Harold Gracey last Sunday.


Are you not going to chapel yet, you Fenian f***** b ******.

Loyalist protestor shouting at Catholics on the Garvaghy Road


The RUC is tolerating activities which are clearly illegal. It's the anti-Agreement minority who are trying to undermine pro-Agreement parties and to undermine the progressive elements within unionism.

Gerry Adams on Monday's loyalist protests.


It was carried out by people of no credibility who are opposed to this process.

Martin McGuinness on the bomb attack by the so-called `Real' IRA in Stewartstown last weekend


To me, it seems an iniquity of very considerable proportions that, simply because of relative affluence, I should remain fit and healthy when illness and death beset millions.

South African High Court Judge Edwin Cameron at the International AIDS conference in Durban on Monday, 10 July. Cameron, who has AIDS, slammed drugs companies for failing to make retroviral drugs available at affordable prices to the poor in developing nations, where 30 million people face death from the disease

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