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13 July 2000 Edition

RUC stand idly by

13 July 2000

This past ten days or so of loyalist disorder have shown again, as if further evidence was required, the necessity for a completely new policing service in the Six Counties. Free article

Sinn Féin report slams Policing Bill

13 July 2000

As the British Government's Policing Bill moves to Westminster's House of Lords, Sinn Féin Mid-Ulster MP Martin McGuinness today launches a 100-page analysis and comprehensive indictment of the bill's failures to date, titled `Policing: A New Beginning?'. This is the bill that party president Gerry Adams has already slammed as forewarning of a police service which would be wholly unacceptable to the nationalist and republican community. Free article

Residents protest Springfield Road march

13 July 2000

After a night of loyalist attacks on the Springfield Road, the RUC sealed the area off to allow this year's Twelfth parade through. The area from Lanark Way to Workman Avenue was littered with rocks, stones and the broken bottles of a night's attacks. The RUC members on duty at the time refused to move against the loyalists, claiming that they were ``in a different division''. Free article

Prominent visitors witness South Armagh militarisation

13 July 2000

South Armagh is a focus of international attention not due to its picturesque landscape but to the fact that it is the most militarised area in all of Western Europe. This year has seen many prominent US and Canadian politicians, lawyers and observers visit the area to witness what locals have to endure all year round. Free article


Bomb an attack on process

13 July 2000

Speaking after a bomb attack in Stewartstoewn, County Tyrone, on Sunday, 9 July, Sinn Féin Education Minister Martin McGuinness said: ``This morning's bomb was a deliberate attack on the peace process. The timing on the mornin of the Drumcree march will be seen as a deliberate provocation. It was carried out by people of no credinbility who are opposed to this process. They are locked in the past and have nothing to offer the future. Free article

Community worker in sinister incident

13 July 2000

A West Belfast community worker is recovering from shock after three armed men forced their way into his home and threatened him. The incident took place at around 10.30pm on Monday night in the Beechmount area of West Belfast. Free article

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