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3 February 2000 Edition

Police knew O'Neill was unarmed

3 February 2000

On the opening day of the inquest into the killing of Volunteer Diarmuid O'Neill, the police officer in charge of the operation, Detective Chief Superintendent John Bunn, admitted to Michael Mansfield QC that he had known for some time before the night of the shooting that there were no arms or bomb making equipment contained in the flat where Diarmuid, together with Brian McHugh and Pat Kelly, were sleeping. Free article

A Russian perspective

3 February 2000

My very first memory of Ireland is of TV images of running people, screams of pain and anger and the sound of gun shots in the background. It was an image almost like from another planet, as the place where I grew up was so peaceful and quiet that every day looked just exactly like the previous one. The pictures were of Derry's Bloody Sunday in 1972, and I was a five-year-old Soviet girl. Free article

Arrests in Basque Country

3 February 2000

Spanish Police arrested eight Basques, all members of the International Relations department of the pro-independence Basque political party, Herri Batasuna, in the early hours of Saturday 29 January. Free article

Cad a dhéanfaimid féasta gan adhmad?

3 February 2000

Caithfidh mé a rá go gcuireann sé deistín orm crainn a fheiceáil is iad leagtha gan fáth. Bhuel déanann an Comhairle Contae iarracht leithscéal a thabhairt dúinn agus iad ag leagadh na gcrainn i `Glen of the Downs'. I ndáirire, áfach, ní thiocfadh le duine ar bith a rá go bhfuil na crainn ag fáil bháis ar son na hÉireann. Free article

Workers in struggle

3 February 2000

Is a 15% wage rise the best deal possible? and Inflation double standards Free article

Remembering the Past: An address to the Free Nations

3 February 2000

As early as July 1918, following Arthur Griffith's victory in the East-Cavan by-election the previous month, the Sinn Féin leadership was becoming confident that Sinn Féin would win the next general election. Free article

Back issue: British admit `dirty tricks'

3 February 2000

THE British government admitted that `dirty tricks' had been used by their intelligence services in the Six Counties as their Defence Minister and former Six-County direct ruler, Tom King, announced a civil service inquiry into the dismissal of former British Army Press Officer Colin Wallace. Free article

New in print

3 February 2000

Pay the Devil and My Life and Themes Free article

Dúirt siad...

3 February 2000

The week in quotes... Free article

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