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2 December 1999 Edition

The real Diarmuid O'Neill

2 December 1999

Along with all the other anguish suffered by the families of IRA Volunteers who die violent deaths is the additional distress caused by routine dehumanisation and demonization of their loved ones by both the media and the authorities. In death, their public image, such as it is, can become utterly detached from the reality of their lives and who they really were. Free article

Militarisation continues after Robinson visits Chiapas

2 December 1999

The green Hummer vehicles stream in a long line past a row of grimy restaurants and taco joints that mark the entry to the town of Ocosingo, located on the verge of the Zapatista ``conflict zone'' and scene of a bloody shootout six years ago during the 1994 uprising. The boys have been out on patrol again. Free article

Teanga Oifigiúl - Mo Thóin!

2 December 1999

Bhí an Draoi Rua ag iarraidh a dhualgas sibhialta a chomhlíonadh an tseachtain seo agus cáin a íoc dá ghluaisteán, ach ní raibh sé ag fanacht ar na constaicí bóthair a cuireadh ós a chomhair... Free article


2 December 1999

Bad weather blights football and GAA ignores drugs issue Free article

Remembering the Past: Usk Jail death 1918

2 December 1999

The flu epidemic that swept across Britain and Ireland in 1918 struck at the weak and elderly in society. Hundreds died and many more spent many weeks crippled in agony in their beds during the winter months. Free article

Back issue: Doing Something Sound

2 December 1999

Since the first Civil Rights march eleven years ago up to IRA bombings this week, British control over Ireland has been slowly slipping out of their grasp. Free article

Dúirt siad...

2 December 1999

The week in quotes... Free article

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