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2 December 1999 Edition

Up and running

2 December 1999

The first real step towards the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement was taken this Monday with the nomination of Ministers to the Six-County Executive. Free article

McCreevy's cake and crumbs

2 December 1999

Hats off to Charlie McCreevy and Michael Noonan. They win the week's award for having the hardest political necks. Fianna Fáil Finance minister Charlie McCreevy introduced a budget where he spoke of the need for ``a new vision and strategy of the future'' and then delivered the same old package of good news for the privileged and empty promises for the rest. Free article

ETA calls off ceasefire

2 December 1999

On Saturday 26 November, the Basque pro-independence armed organisation Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) decided to call off its 14-month ceasefire. Free article

Profiteering scandal in private housing

2 December 1999

``Where you live is where you have shelter from the rain and cold, where you sleep, where you eat and drink, where you wash, where you get warm and dry, where you keep your stuff, where you care for your kids, where your friends contact you, where you exist for the local school, doctor, social welfare, local community - the basic ingredients of life. Without a home, you have none of these things.'' So says Sasha. Free article


Murders sanctioned by Downing Street

2 December 1999

The British government tried to ban a new book about the 1989 killing of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane which says that the British government sanctioned the actions of loyalist death squads. Free article

Sinn Féin responds to Patten

2 December 1999

On Tuesday, 30 November, Sinn Féin formally responded to the Patten Commission's proposals in a submission to the British government. Free article

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