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9 September 1999 Edition

Ray Houghton, I nearly knew ya!

9 September 1999

RAY HOUGHTON and I go back quite a while. Free article

Timor Loro Sae (Independent East Timor)

9 September 1999

I HAVE just returned as part of a joint Irish/South African delegation to East Timor sponsored by the Ireland East Timor Solidarity Campaign. Our immediate aim was to play a part in ensuring that the vote on the referendum was `free and fair'; our longer term aim was to bring something positive from the Irish and South African experiences of human rights defence and reconstruction and reconciliation to Timor. The East Timor issue has grabbed world attention because of the referendum and the subsequent violence. The roots of the present conflict, however, go back centuries. Free article

Bleán an Chórais

9 September 1999

Thug an Sunday Tribune eolas dúinn faoi chaiteachas na dTeachtaí agus Seanadóirí an tseachtain seo caite. ach ar chur siad milleán ar an chiontach agus an neamhchiontach araon? Pléann Eoghan Mac Cormaic cás na dTeachtaí macánta. Free article

Sportsview: Cats to win by a whisker

9 September 1999

The last hurling championship of the millennium has reached its finale. Free article

Back issue: Euro MP Taylor calls for mass murder in the South

9 September 1999

THE PUBLIC call by Official Unionist Euro MP John Taylor for loyalists to commit mass murder in the South created a huge furore both North and South of the border. Free article

Dúirt siad...

9 September 1999

The week in quotes... Free article

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