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9 September 1999 Edition

RUC must go

9 September 1999

The Good Friday Agreement is very clear on what is required in relation to a new policing service in the North. It has to be `capable of attracting and sustaining' support from all sections of the people. Free article

Sinn Féin in as review begins

9 September 1999

Sinn Féin announced on Saturday, 4 September, that it would participate in the review of the implementatation of the Good Friday Agreement under the auspices of the British and Irish governments and facilitated by U.S. Senator George Mitchell. Free article

Top Basques visit Ireland

9 September 1999

A TOP-LEVEL delegation from the Basque Herri Batasuna party travelled to Ireland last week for a round of meetings. Free article

British Army planned for civilian deaths

9 September 1999

The most senior British Army officers in the north at the time of Bloody Sunday discussed shooting ``selected ring leaders'' in the Bogside and Creggan to restore law and order in Derry, according to documents uncovered by the Bloody Sunday Inquiry. Free article


Schoolboy `dumped by bus driver' beaten by loyalists

9 September 1999

AN 11-YEAR-OLD schoolboy was beaten up after being abandoned in a loyalist area by a bus driver even though the child stood out in his Catholic school uniform, it has been claimed. Free article

The Great Blaskets betrayal

9 September 1999

``I have written minutely of much that we did, for it was my wish that somewhere there should be a memorial of it all, and I have done my best to set down the character of the people about me so that some record of us might live after us, for the like of us will never be again.'' Free article

Loyalist pleads guilty and walks free

9 September 1999

NATIONALISTS have reacted with anger after a loyalist was allowed to walk free from court after pleading guilty to possession of ammunition and two incomplete pipe bombs with intent to endanger life. Free article

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