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3 June 1999 Edition

Why was Diarmuid O'Neill killed?

3 June 1999

Why was Diarmuid O'Neill killed? Because, so the argument goes, he was an IRA volunteer, this was war and he made himself a legitimate target. This argument, however, is fatally undermined by the British government's perverse insistence that the conflict in Ireland was not war, merely crime. As a consequence, the Metropolitan Police have had to resort to manipulating the law, lying, and covering their tracks. Free article

Ocalan offers peace as trial starts

3 June 1999

Abdullah Ocalan ``Apo'', the leader of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), said at the start of his trial in Turkey this week that he wants to stay alive and contribute to the understanding between Turkish and Kurdish people. He added that he could put an end to the war between Turkey and the PKK in only three months, and offered himself as mediator between the parties. Free article

Oráid Folamh

3 June 1999

Is ionann oráidí aimsir na dtóghchán agus Karaoke Polaitiúil. Scúdaíonn Eoghan Mac Cormaic an gné... Free article

Sportsview: Celtic's woes continue

3 June 1999

Celtic's season began last August with the unfurling of the championship flag at Parkhead after a League and League Cup double in Wim Jansen's first and only year in charge. Free article

Back issue: Vote Sinn Féin

3 June 1999

Many people in the 26 Counties will be voting for Sinn Féin candidates in the local government elections, next Thursday 7 June. Free article

Television: Lives of grime

3 June 1999

Bad Girls (UTV) The Emergency (Radio One) A Life of Grime (BBC) Free article

Dúirt siad...

3 June 1999

The week in quotes... Free article

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