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22 April 1999 Edition

Five years after the massacres

22 April 1999

Five years on, the international community seems to have forgotten the massacres in Rwanda, while in the African country, the population is still trying to come to terms with the horror endured in 1994. Free article

Cara sa Chúirt...

22 April 1999

Ba mhór an cathú é focal nó dó maslach a scríobh an tseachtain seo i leith breithiúna léannta na hÉireann, nó is fada iad ina ndlí dóibh féin gan aon srian ar chinniúna, gan duine ar bith in ann focal a rá ina leith gan cúis tarcaisne in aghaidh na cúirte a mhealladh chuige féin. Tá an ré sin thart anois, is léir, agus ós rud é gur scríobh an Príomhbhreitheamh tuairisc ag damhnú beirte dá chomhleacaithe thig linne, an cosmhuintir, a dhéanamh amhlaidh gan imní orainn trí mhí saoire a ghnothú i Moinseoighe ná carcair eile dá bharr. Free article

Workers in struggle: Just another week of world domination

22 April 1999

Have you ever heard of the WTO, the IMF, the EBRD, the ECB, the World Bank, NATO, NAFTA. If you have, you fall into three possible categories. First, you might be a politically aware very informed person involved in ceaseless struggle for social revolution. Two, you are an overeducated pub philosopher who collects acronyms and urgently needs to get a life. Three, you have been on the receiving end of the policies implemented by these bodies. Free article

Sportsview: McCague elected GAA President

22 April 1999

I was pleased to hear the news of the election of Seán McCague as president-elect of the GAA at the weekend. Free article

Remembering the Past: The Limerick Soviet

22 April 1999

In the first of a two-part feature, Aengus O Snodaigh recalls the heady days of the Limerick Soviet, which came and went 80 years ago this month. Free article

Back issue: Recruitment office picket

22 April 1999

Thirty Troops Out members picketed the army recruitment office on the Strand, London, on April 15. At the same time, army recruitment offices throughout England and Wales were also being picketed. The Troops Out Movement banner read: ``No Future for Britain in Ireland, No Future for You in the Army.'' Free article

New in print: Illustrated story of Easter Week

22 April 1999

A Walk Through Rebel Dublin By Mick O'Farrell Published by Mercier Press Price £7.99 Free article

Television: Anyone for an aul uachtar reoite?

22 April 1999

Lip Service/Leaving Cert Irish (TnaG) Counterblast (UTV) Spotlight (BBC1) Pull Of The City (BBC2) Free article

Dúirt siad...

22 April 1999

The week in quotes... Free article

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