22 April 1999 Edition

Hard heads in hard hats

22 April 1999

Sinn Féin's Conor Murphy has said that the fact that British soldiers are once again wearing steel helmets is a small but obvious sign that far from demilitarising, the British army is in fact stepping up its activity. Free article

Government acts to overcome community protests against masts

22 April 1999

The government has had a very rough ride over the phone masts issue. There have been widespread protests all over the country. People have torn the masts down by hooking them up to tractors, and cut them up with angle grinders. People have mounted 24-hour pickets over weeks to ensure the masts did not get up or the companies get onto the land. A government deal with ESAT to allow them, without planning permission, to put their mobile phone transmitters onto Garda station masts, brought massive protests, many of which have been successful. Free article

RUC using tragedy for own ends

22 April 1999

Sinn Féin's Barry McElduff has responded to concerns voiced by people living in the Castlederg and Aghyaran areas that the RUC is using the murder of a 91-year-old woman ``to gain acceptance with nationalists on the one hand and to gather intelligence on the other''. Free article

Heath in Bloody Sunday shame

22 April 1999

Relatives of the people murdered in the Bloody Sunday massacre have branded comments by former British Prime Minister Edward Heath, ``outrageous'' and ``atrocious''. Free article

RUC involved in politically motivated arrests

22 April 1999

Claims that the arrests last week of four South Armagh men were politically motivated appear to have been vindicated after the four men were released without charge on Thursday, 15 April. Free article

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Exceptional opportunity to tackle poverty

22 April 1999

There was a homeless person sleeping rough on the street leading to the Bank of Ireland conference rooms where the Combat Poverty Agency (CPA) held a press conference to launch its strategic plan for the next three years. It is not a unique occurrence on the streets of Dublin today but it does underpin the growing inequities in Irish society and is a telling reminder of how much has to be done to eliminate poverty in Irish society. Free article

Newtownbutler show trial

22 April 1999

Defence lawyers for 18 nationalists charged after they were beaten off the road by the RUC to clear the way for a Royal Black Preceptory `parade' in Newtownbutler in August 1997, have filed a number of submissions to have the case dismissed. Free article

Dublin's youth money stuck in pipeline

22 April 1999

The youth services and facilities fund for Dublin announced by the Dublin government to target those in the 10-25 age group deemed to be at risk was welcomed by the 13 represented drug task force areas. It is now April, however, seven months later, and monies from the £20 million to be spent over a three-year period have yet to be allocated. Free article

Running for cover - RUC Chief under pressure

22 April 1999

A media offensive launched by RUC Chief Ronnie Flanagan last week could not deflect the spotlight of international criticism currently focused on the RUC. In a week that saw the future of the RUC becoming increasingly embroiled in the deaths of civil rights lawyers Pat Finucane and Rosemary Nelson, Ronnie Flanagan sought refuge in the tabloid press. Free article

British army incursion

22 April 1999

The British Army was involved in an undercover surveillance operation in County Louth last weekend, according to Sinn Féin's European election candidate Arthur Morgan. Free article

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